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big other is watching you

It’s been a long time since I kept a regular blog, but after watching social media turn increasingly anti social, and at the same time becoming increasingly aware of its limitations in terms of communicating anything more than a very basic message, I’ve turned back to the blog. 403 more words

John Cobb

A Little Farther Down the Path: Grounded (Finding God in the World—A Spiritual Revolution)

I tend to procrastinate; it’s in my nature. I’ve convinced myself that I do my best work under the pressure of a deadline. Since I’ve hardly ever completed an assignment apart from that kind of pressure, and since I have, on occasion, produced some pretty good work, I have perpetuated that perception in my own mind. 1,949 more words

Contemporary Culture

The Allthing

Sometimes, I like to call it the Allthing. It has a certain mystery about the word that I like and maybe also because it mimics Odin’s title of the Allfather. 216 more words


This is my Church!

In an earlier posting, I included a scene from the film On the Waterfront in which the character Father Barry (as portrayed by Karl Malden) is confronting union officials on the death of a dock worker. 571 more words


Genesis 1:1 and Your Worldview

A worldview is defined as ‘a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world’- and everyone has one. In Genesis 1:1, the Bible shoots down every opposing philosophy with four words: … 188 more words

Genesis Chapter 1

It's Taken Me a Long Time to Get Here, Again

For months, I have woken up filled with anger and angst about the politics of the United States. I’ve felt that it was my responsibility to be educated, to be involved, to raise my voice against injustice, to resist. 1,563 more words


On God and Religion

Our perspective is limited to our perceptional abilities. With our senses, and with the sophisticated equipment that we developed with the help of those very senses, can we perceive anything in the world. 1,918 more words