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A Spiritual Murmuring on Coincidence

When connections are found between two seemingly unconnected parts of our lives, those moments, strange coincidences, are when I truly see God and believe in a universal connectedness. 887 more words

Social Psychology
Christ exists in all things that are.
– Gregory of Nazianzus –
The incarnation accomplished the following: That God became human and that humans became God and sharers in the divine nature.
– Thomas Aquinas –
The idea of private salvation is utterly obsolete. Only a Newtonian worldview of piecemealness could have spawned the popular heresy that salvation is an individualistic or private matter. 45 more words

Review: Flipped by Doug Pagitt

I kind of feel bad about this…

My relationship to the Emergent church has been…well…I don’t know what it’s been. Guys like Rob Bell, Shane Claiborne*, and Donald Miller really wrecked my thinking during college, I thought Brian McLaren was okay, and today I would say I find some inspiration from Rachel Held Evans* and Phyllis Tickle. 771 more words

Gimme that old time religion

I often think about where I’d be now if I had followed my earliest instincts. I have always had what you might call the religious temperament. 2,082 more words

The Great Work

How do you solve a problem like Gretta Vosper, atheist clergywoman?

To most non-United Church of Canada members who have followed the peculiar case of the semi-famous Rev. Gretta Vosper, it’s a no-brainer.

Why on earth, outsiders ask, would a Christian church allow someone who has long been an outspoken atheist to remain in the clergy? 1,341 more words

The Search