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Parashath Wayyessei Ya`aqov: HaMaqom - God's Place or the Place of God?

From parashath Wayyesse Ya`aqov arises the source for the well-known title for God Ha-Maqom (“The Place”).  This title is traditionally used in the Haggadhah Shela-Pesah… 1,194 more words


Rock Your Mocs Week

November is National Native American Heritage Month 2015 in the US. November 8-14 is the worldwide “Rock Your Mocs Week” in which Native Peoples stand together in solidarity by wearing their moccasins. 884 more words


Reasons etc

It’s after Labor Day and we all know that new stuff gets rolled out after Labor Day. It’s time for some freshening up around here. I’ve been thinking about that for some time now, what with the Presidential Election *finally* really getting under way at the end of this year. 1,456 more words


Sharing Our Heartbeats

The first grounding meditation I ever learned was from an older Druid whose landscaping I used to do when I was a teen. His house was one of the farthest from my own, and his yard was always overgrown with butterfly bushes, fragrant flowers, moss, and rings of mushrooms.  486 more words

Homilies & Healing Work

Lamplighter Article, September 2015

Dear Friends,

I have been reading Marcus Borg’s little book The God We Never Knew, in which the late author strives for a mature understanding of God not as an authoritative God, but a relational God. 705 more words

Newsletter Article

On Spirituality at 20-years-old... part III

For Part I of the series, check out the original blog post On Spirituality at 20-years-old… For Part II of the series, check out One Spirituality at 20-years-old… part II. 1,129 more words


A Spiritual Murmuring on Coincidence

When connections are found between two seemingly unconnected parts of our lives, those moments, strange coincidences, are when I truly see God and believe in a universal connectedness. 887 more words