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Sharing Our Heartbeats

The first grounding meditation I ever learned was from an older Druid whose landscaping I used to do when I was a teen. His house was one of the farthest from my own, and his yard was always overgrown with butterfly bushes, fragrant flowers, moss, and rings of mushrooms.  488 more words

Homilies & Healing Work

Lamplighter Article, September 2015

Dear Friends,

I have been reading Marcus Borg’s little book The God We Never Knew, in which the late author strives for a mature understanding of God not as an authoritative God, but a relational God. 705 more words

Newsletter Article

On Spirituality at 20-years-old... part III

For Part I of the series, check out the original blog post On Spirituality at 20-years-old… For Part II of the series, check out One Spirituality at 20-years-old… part II. 1,129 more words


A Spiritual Murmuring on Coincidence

When connections are found between two seemingly unconnected parts of our lives, those moments, strange coincidences, are when I truly see God and believe in a universal connectedness. 887 more words

Christ exists in all things that are.
– Gregory of Nazianzus –
The incarnation accomplished the following: That God became human and that humans became God and sharers in the divine nature.
– Thomas Aquinas –
The idea of private salvation is utterly obsolete. Only a Newtonian worldview of piecemealness could have spawned the popular heresy that salvation is an individualistic or private matter. 45 more words