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Animism and Panentheism: How I see deity

It’s been a long journey for me to figure out just who I am spiritually. I realized that I do not see deity as being any set pantheon of god and goddess. 1,444 more words


Christmas in the Woods

In the midst of the deep darkness of December, made complete with the Winter Solstice, is the promise that light follows. Advent, the prelude to Christmas,  invites us to anticipate the embodiment of this light, in the life of a baby named Jesus. 478 more words

Why Hinduism isn't as Polytheistic as it Seems

I have a particular affinity with Hinduism. I find it an incredibly beautiful, diverse and rich religious tradition. It’s theology, philosophy and prescriptions for life are incredibly deep, complex and profound, filled with insights that can shed light on our understanding of God and what it is to be human, regardless of our professed religion. 1,238 more words

Comparative Religion

panentheism and Vedic wisdom

Panentheism seems to be the West’s attempt to reconcile God’s transcendence with His immanence (or even omnipresence) here in His creation.  This thread of philosophy and theology could be viewed as an attempt to bridge the chasm between theism and impersonal pantheism. 225 more words


Smog and God

One thing that has become notoriously synonymous with the rise of modern, developing China, especially in the minds of the outside world, are the images of grey mists of pollution encompassing Beijing and other places, forcing its residents to don some sort of gas mask. 1,092 more words

Thoughts On Contemporary Society And Issues

God In and Beyond All Things

I’ve believed in some sort of divine force, being or whatever for about six or seven years now. Before, I was an atheist and raised as one too. 980 more words