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Explorations in Panentheistic Theodicy

Omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnibenevolence. These four characteristics, or attributes are typically assigned to God, and are in fact what make God, well, God. I’m going to have a look at these descriptors, and try to offer a different understanding, than is currently generally accepted. 1,362 more words


Fighting Fire with Fire Burns the Whole World to Ashes

Namaste, y’all!

How many times have we heard the phrase “fight fire with fire”?  Usually, in a movie, it is said right before the action really gets going and the hero gets busy giving the “bad guy” an overdose of his or her own medicine.   1,274 more words

Response: Book of Nature

Kent writes:

The Book of Nature is not a physical book but an invitation to experience the presence of the Creator in the beauty and complexity of creation. 680 more words

Book of Nature

Within my Judeo-Christian tradition is a book unlike any I’ve ever read. The Book of Nature is not to be found on paper but rather a book that is read with all one’s senses. 423 more words

Interesting site on Pantheism.....http:/ ...

Interesting site on Pantheism…..http://goo.gl/Bg5z

I’m a Christian (not a right winge fundamentalist) but there are interesting ideas to be found in Pantheism or even better (from my perspective) Panentheism


Outdoor Religion: Part One

The Latin for religion is re-ligio meaning to attach or re-attach. Our word ‘ligament’ is from this root. Religion in its myriad forms is intended to help us attach to a source which is greater than oneself. 425 more words


I might as well continue on with this train of thought, right?  I mean, I already started writing about it, and everything.

When I was about 23, I was looking around online for people talking about what I’d, by that time, only heard about in my own family, and/or — possibly, it was a decade ago — either the Library at my then-University, or my World Religions class (if I’d taken it by that point; I can’t remember the year offhand). 1,856 more words