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Trinitarian Panentheism

This short video introduces the idea of Trinitarian Panentheism…

While we should never confuse the map with the territory, it may be that this point of view will help to provide some people with a “map” that more adequately orients them to the… 65 more words


My nerdy questions

Maybe I’m a theology/anthropology nerd, because I’ve been asking myself some unusual questions since I found New Thought. Questions that others might never dream of asking. 624 more words


Panentheism: Nexus of One World (Heretical) Religion

Panentheism is not new, stemming as it does from Neoplatonism; and not rare, being widespread, in various forms and to various extents amongst the intelligentsia… 507 more words


Atheist Rev. Gretta Vosper to be "reviewed"

A committee of the United Church of Canada has unanimously voted for a “review of the effectiveness of Rev. Gretta Vosper,” the Toronto clergyperson and author who proudly promotes herself as an atheist and publicly denounces all forms of religion. 943 more words

The Search

Monotheism and Polytheism

The position I support is a panentheistic monotheism, simply because it provides a logical underpinning for the notion of the oneness of all things. Let us look first at monotheism. 349 more words

Teresa Chupp

In all things

One of the challenges of our worship is that our liturgy is so rich that we can find ourselves barreling past treasures without even pausing to notice what we have said. 704 more words

The Rev. Dr. Deborah Meister

Theology After the Birth of God: Is Atheism the Next Step in Human Psycho-Social Evolution?

What bio-cultural sciences show us is that exactly this in-group anxiety and out-group antagonism is intensified by religion, i.e., shared imaginative engagement with supernatural agents. Priming people to think about invisible agents that may be watching them, and participating in emotionally-arousing, synchronically organized, causally opaque rituals, … 978 more words