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Interesting site on Pantheism.....http:/ ...

Interesting site on Pantheism…..http://goo.gl/Bg5z

I’m a Christian (not a right winge fundamentalist) but there are interesting ideas to be found in Pantheism or even better (from my perspective) Panentheism


Outdoor Religion: Part One

The Latin for religion is re-ligio meaning to attach or re-attach. Our word ‘ligament’ is from this root. Religion in its myriad forms is intended to help us attach to a source which is greater than oneself. 425 more words


I might as well continue on with this train of thought, right?  I mean, I already started writing about it, and everything.

When I was about 23, I was looking around online for people talking about what I’d, by that time, only heard about in my own family, and/or — possibly, it was a decade ago — either the Library at my then-University, or my World Religions class (if I’d taken it by that point; I can’t remember the year offhand). 1,856 more words


This blog has come full circle and it’s time to say goodbye. Enjoy the archives if you are inclined and thank you to readers for the gifts of time and presence. 6 more words


Thoughts For Ponderance -- 28

What if the universe were alive and conscious and we were made in its image? When you look at the universe from the cosmic perspective, it looks a lot like the neural connections in your brain. 64 more words

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There is something powerful about doing the same activity again and again. It becomes a meditation, creating familiarity that comforts and challenges the bodymind to be present in different ways each time. 599 more words


many people who have discovered the One simply eradicate their sense of the Many,...." - Br. David Steindl-Rast

“I am a little concerned that so many people who have discovered the One simply eradicate their sense of the Many, or consider it unimportant….” – Bro. David Steindl-Rast

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