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"Prove God!" as an Inept Question

(Cross-posted from a Diqus Forum discussion. This has been touched upon here earlier, but might legitimately bear repeating:)


Atheist Gore Vidal:

“God or what have you, is not to be found at the far end of a syllogism, no matter how brilliantly phrased.” 549 more words


The Flexibility of God

In my studies in recent years I’ve focused a great deal of energy and attention on trying to understand the nature of God. This is not a purely intellectual pursuit, as the way we see God has huge implications in terms of how we view different religions, and their doctrines. 434 more words


Spending A Day With God

This is posted from the Disqus discussion boards, with a few modifications, in answer to a thread inquiring about what spending a day with God would be like.  635 more words


Creation and Creator

I found this diagram really useful in depicting the different ways people see the relationship between God and the universe:

In theism, God and the universe are separate, but God can intervene in creation. 247 more words


Theosis Part 2

  I have been reading One with God by Veli-Matti Karkkainen which is about the Eastern Orthodox doctrine of theosis which is defined as according to Athanasius (one of the main influences on the Nicene Creed) as: 380 more words


Monism - New Age Lie

Monism, or more accurately pantheistic monism, can be summed as “All is One, One is All, All is God. Monism is unscriptural since it denies the distinction between God and His creation.   296 more words

New Age Spirituality Exposed

"God" as Real, but not as a Creator

It seems to me that one major problem with the modern God-conversation is that God is constantly being defined as some kind of responsible world-agent – a creator. 617 more words