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Aggressive panhandling pushing city, police, businesses to find solutions

The city and stakeholders are hoping to tackle the issue of aggressive panhandlers ahead of the warm and busy months on the downtown streets of Halifax. 715 more words


Get on Your Bikes and..... Connect!

Anyone who knows me… knows I’m an avid and somewhat sanctimonious cyclist. In my mind there are infinite reasons as to why active transportation should be the preferred method of getting around, especially in urban settings.  542 more words

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Only bad people hate panhandlers

by Jay Monaco

Rita Mercier, noted Donald Trump supporter, city council member who received the most overall votes across the city of Lowell in the last several elections, says that panhandlers are like ducks and we should stop feeding them. 1,103 more words


Lowell Senior Panhandling To Help Pay Way To Medical School

LOWELL (CBS) – A Lowell teenager is hoping to help raise money for medical school in an unorthodox way – panhandling.

Eighteen-year-old Emily Stutz started an… 312 more words


"Keep the Change:" New initiative officially launched in Milwaukee to combat panhandling

MILWAUKEE — A new initiative launched in Milwaukee on Wednesday, March 30th in an effort to stop panhandling.

The initiative is called “Keep the Change.” 232 more words


On Teaching & Intellectual Pan Handling

My father has been a college English Professor for almost forty years. He currently teaches the equivalent to expository writing at Rutgers Newark. He has taught an entry level writing course for this long because he sees the opportunity to introduce a new way of writing to his students who would otherwise not take English courses. 576 more words

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Panhandler/busker strikes the wrong note

March is a 31-day month—a so-called “five weeker”. This means that people who rely on monthly income and disability assistance money from the British Columbia government are waiting a week longer than most months for their cheques and are financially stretched even thinner than usual. 324 more words

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