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Toronto legal clinic launches constitutional challenge against Ontario panhandling law

TORONTO – Gerry Williams was struggling to break a cycle of homelessness, alcoholism and post-traumatic stress disorder on the streets of Toronto as he was handed nearly $10,000 in fines under an Ontario law that targets panhandling. 461 more words


(3) Baby steps

Efforts to dialogue with Dan Rodricks’ position (that is, take it seriously) led to a lot of confusion and self-doubt in my prayer time Friday morning 10/25/13. 490 more words

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(1) I stay at the best shelter on the East Coast

… which shall here remain nameless, for reason that I also have harsh criticisms and don’t need any reader, however well-intentioned, to draw me into controversies not of my own choosing. 1,790 more words

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Three-post series on panhandling

(Originally published 12/07/13.)

Concerning Baltimore City’s recent ordinance about panhandling, Dan Rodricks complained that the ordinance didn’t address “the underlying issues;” but then, he didn’t, either. 36 more words

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What it's really like to panhandle.

Panhandling has become a survival tool to me.  Without my work visa, and ineligible for income assistance it is the most acceptable way for me to make some money. 502 more words

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Panhandling ordinance wins approval

An ordinance aimed at curbing “aggressive and unsafe soliciting” was approved for first reading by the Westminster City Council Wednesday night. The council voted 5-0 in favor of the measure, which will come back for a second reading and adoption on June 28. 193 more words


Dealership says panhandler rejected job offer: 'I make more money than any of you'

BRIGHTON, Mich. — A Michigan auto dealership posted a sign discouraging people from giving money to a panhandler after managers said they offered him a job –  358 more words