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Charity PanHandlers (A Phone Call Away)

My family and myself had a Sunday reminiscent of Sunday’s past.  We went to church, had a lunchtime supper, and came home to rest.  Not to mow the yard or other chores waiting for us, we just wanted to rest.   597 more words

Should you give to Panhandlers?

Panhandling seems to be getting worse in San Antonio.  I don’t know what it is like in other cities but there are many intersections where they camp out every day with their cardboard signs and guilt you into giving them your change. 578 more words

Measuring Life Dollar by Dollar

I saw the young man sitting on the bench. He looked scruffy, with uncut hair, tattoos and piercings. He looked like hadn’t slept well in a while. 532 more words


The man wept

Hey, have you ever heard this story (or a variation of it)?

I’m trying to get to xxxxxx (location) to get home to see my sick relative. 933 more words

Maine's largest city considers giving jobs to panhandlers

PORTLAND, Maine — Officials in Maine’s largest city are considering offering panhandlers work to keep them off the streets.

The Portland Press Herald reports the city is working on a 36-week pilot program that would offer panhandlers an opportunity to work for $10.68 an hour cleaning up parks and other light labor jobs, and connect them with social services. 74 more words


The Pope on Panhandling: Give Without Worry

New Yorkers, if not city dwellers everywhere, might acknowledge a debt to Pope Francis this week. He has offered a concrete, permanently useful prescription for dealing with panhandlers. 541 more words