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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare


Verb (used with object) – to give or lend, as from a supply, especially without inconvenience or loss:  Can you spare a cup of sugar? 507 more words

Addressing aggressive panhandlers will take until 2017: city

Brent Penner says he’s frustrated with the two years it will apparently take to make changes to Saskatoon’s panhandling bylaw.

Penner, a current member and former chair of the city’s Street Activity Steering Committee, wrote to the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development, and Community Services in March 2015. 443 more words

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The offering plate, part 2

ADVISORY:  This post includes explicit content that some readers may find objectionable.

One lives in a world substantially of one’s own creation.

The previous post… 1,016 more words

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Exploiting children for fun and profit

For some, panhandling has become a way of life, paying better than hard to find steady employment. With the competition, and public wariness, many panhandlers have become more creative, and have worked out sympathetic, but realistic-sounding hard luck stories. 471 more words


The offering plate, part 1

One lives in a world substantially of one’s own creation.

The offering plate came around, and I got a shock.  I can remember when I dreamed of putting $60 in there each week, as the woman does who normally sits in front of me.  186 more words

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The Fight for Homeless Homesteading

Municipal governments across the country are targeting vagrants for “misusing” public property. A couple of months ago, the City of Denver, Colorado cracked down on “Resurrection Village,” a homeless community built on public land. 951 more words

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Go Fund Me...The New Hustle

There is hardly a week that goes by on social media without seeing a new crowd funding campaign. The rise of this new form of panhandling… 529 more words