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Sorry, No, I Would Not Like to Help Cure Cancer Today

While government officials and Facebook un-officials weigh in on whether or not we should provide asylum to Syrian refugees, I have a more pressing matter here at home during this holiday season: How many more days do I have to avoid the Salvation Army guy at the grocery store? 818 more words

Wednesday's Child (full of woe)

Woe and pity upon me,

She whispered, watching for the cops

As people flooded the plaza, breaking from their city jobs.

Vodka for $1.99 the half pint, at the pulqueria  down the street. 14 more words

The Homeless Man at Starbucks

I first saw him October 7th sitting outside the Starbucks near my house. Short sleeves, a hat on his head and a shopping cart by his side. 473 more words

Blogging 101


My wife and I were driving this weekend and happened to see a young couple panhandling at the side of the road. That isn’t unusual by any means and we try to help when we can, but the fact that the young woman was bent down petting a goose really caught our attention. 173 more words

Bill Bratton's Solution to Homeless Panhandling: Don't Give Them Money

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said today that if New Yorkers are angry about the number of homeless people panhandling for change on the street, they should stop giving them money… 196 more words

Middle Class Panhandlers.

One of my least favorite things about the city is that there are always people out on the streets hollering at you, cat-calling, trying to sell you something, talk about something, ask for something. 741 more words

I try not to judge, but......

Really, I try not to judge, because I don’t know everyone’s situation, but sometimes you just see things that make you question what is really going on. 514 more words