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'You Got A Purse'

Panhandling, the act of asking strangers for money with the hopes they haven’t turned completely coldhearted by the ways of the world and see that you are in need, is on the rise in my hometown. 437 more words

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Sacramento County Ordinance Puts Dent In Panhandling Problems

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s been nearly two months since a new ordinance went into effect to curb aggressive panhandling in Sacramento County. It prohibits panhandling near businesses, gas stations and ATMs to name a few locations. 301 more words


Put on a happy face

I was driving home the other evening when I stopped at a red light. To my right there was a young man standing on the corner holding a sign. 454 more words


LETTER — Panhandling law must cover 'captive audiences'

The following is the major part of a letter from resident James Fraser to Kamloops City council on panhandling:

With regards to the complaints about panhandlers approaching people struggling with parking machines or sitting in restaurant patios, the Safe Streets Act states: 262 more words


ISSUES — Panhandling bans, the pros and cons

UPDATE: City council voted Tuesday to forward the panhandling letter to the Co-ordinated Enforcement Task Force.


NEWS/ CITY — If panhandling laws keep trending the way they have been, Kamloops might soon declare itself a panhandling-free zone. 1,151 more words


Police chief: prohibiting all panhandling would be unconstitutional


Griffin Police Chief Steve Heaton said despite some citizen complaints regarding panhandling, the city does not have a significant problem with the issue. 594 more words

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Fort Collins Pulls Back On Panhandling Ordinance

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- An emergency meeting is scheduled for Friday afternoon in Fort Collins to discuss pulling back on the city’s ban on panhandling. 212 more words