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"Panhandling" is a God Given Right

Recently, the issue of people begging on street corners has become a hot button issue in Rhode Island. The number of people engaging in this practice has increased steadily since the beginning of the Great Recession as Rhode Island has struggled more than any other state to rebuild an economy that crumbled to the ground in 2008. 877 more words


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This week Awesome Stories brings you work for the homeless, living your dreams, hi-tech farming, and not taking offense.

Hi-Tech Farming

The world’s largest vertical farm… 510 more words

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Too hot to panhandle?

I was downtown recently. Another sun-soaked day and I noticed something missing — no panhandlers. I worked in the old Ford Foundry, where it was hot in the winter, never mind the summer. 62 more words



Here’s your Saturday Sunshine! Great idea from Albuquerque. Instead of giving citations as punishment to homeless people for panhandling, they passed a new initiative that allows them to earn money for jobs in the city.


Should we give money to panhandlers?

A friend of mine, Alan, grew up in a abusive household. He developed a drinking problem. One night when he came home drunk, his mother confronted him. 105 more words

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Stop Giving Money To Panhandlers, Lowell Says

LOWELL, Mass. (AP) — A city in Massachusetts is asking residents and visitors to stop giving money to panhandlers.

Lowell City Manager Kevin Murphy tells… 94 more words