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Carnaval Solicitors

During Carnaval season, kids and even some adults dress up as different Carnaval personalities and go around and passively beg people for whatever coins and change they have. 98 more words


The New American Homelessness

A long-existing problem that only grows

Screw Tickets. Dallas is Taking Aggressive Panhandlers Straight to Jail.”

Aggressive panhandlers are throwing a wrench in their system! 324 more words

Social Studies


I sleep in my cardboard cottage
That is my current job.
I keep it neat and clean as I can
I am not a slob. 329 more words


Anything helps.

I was searching for a particular certain type this time. It wasn’t so much about the photography as much as about understanding who the person is. 534 more words


SELECTMEN NEWS: Board Decides Not To Create Panhandling Bylaw Due To Legal Concerns

WILMINGTON, MA — At Monday’s Wilmington Selectmen Meeting, the Board discussed the feasibility of creating a bylaw to ban panhandling in town. ┬áThe discussion, however, didn’t get very far. 417 more words


"Keep the Change:" Committee to discuss legislation aimed at addressing panhandling problem

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee’s Public Safety Committee on Thursday, January 28th will hear Milwaukee Common Council legislation that would establish a “Keep the Change” program aimed at addressing Milwaukee’s panhandling problem. 302 more words


Can You Help Me, Sir?

“Why did that crying lady talk to you, Daddy?”

Oh, the precious innocence of childhood. My five year old was sincere in her question after I had been approached in the parking lot after completing our purchases at Petsmart. 915 more words