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When The Sh!t Hits The FanĀ 

The last 7 weeks have been some of the most excitedly terrifying weeks of my life. I moved to a new country, moved into a new place and have started the job I’ve always wanted and met fantastic people. 509 more words

100 Days on Prozac

I have been taking fluoxetine for my panic disorder every morning, for 100 days. And man, has it helped me. 100 days ago I was terrified of the adverse effects or potential uselessness. 285 more words


Depersonalization for Christmas

Last Christmas I experienced two days of one of my worst episodes of depersonalization all while hiding it from my nine year old daughter. I’m a single mother, no support system. 570 more words



Suddenly it’s too warm, skin starting to sweat desperate to get away from the heat. My heart rate racing, pounding so hard against my chest it’s painful. 212 more words


I Faced My Fears, And I Survived

Today was the day. I had my Upper GI Endoscopy. It was supposed to be the 4th, next Friday. But they phoned me yesterday morning and said they had a cancellation for today at 9am. 843 more words

Day 321: the one

Today I am going to a nudist colony. I think I shaved more carefully this morning than I have since I first started dating Boywonder. But you will hear all about that tomorrow. 260 more words

May 16, 2012


I don’t even know what triggered it yesterday. Probably just another buildup? I haven’t freaked out like that (sober) in a long time. Again, there’s another 2 cuts on my upper arm. 571 more words