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My First Glitch

I’m still not entirely sure what it was. I’m sure it has a name, but after calling a friend who works as a psychiatric nurse, I’m not even sure what to google. 449 more words



Two weeks ago I attempted a hike but the smell of a bad memory took over my body. My hands started tingling and my face went numb. 303 more words


Goodbye Horse Heartbreak (A Poem)

“No matter how far you run.”

Those words reverberated off of my eardrums,
beating to the sound of a breaking heart as I repeated them to myself… 827 more words

Be Brave- Face Everything And Rise

When extreme fear/panic giripped me every day actually every moment was fraught with uncertainty. As if I am threatened all the while, afraid of what ? 798 more words


My Journey Through Abuse

SENSITIVE CONTENT FOLLOWS. The following is the first in a series of Saturday night posts. The details may be graphic and unsettling, please use caution. … 843 more words


Day 13, My Mum's Cat.

Hey Peeps!

Today I was put in charge of feeding my Mum’s Cat, who is aptly named ‘Cat’. This meant I had to catch the dreaded bus as I don’t drive. 383 more words


Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

English romantic poet John Keats wrote about Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, referring of course to Autumn. This Friday morning is a testament to that, a glorious morning, warm, mellow, with a hint of that autumnal freshness. 79 more words

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