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The Most Epic Run

Okay, I think I’m ready to talk about the Boston Marathon now. I’ve been recovering since Monday, and I’m still not 100% – I won’t be for awhile yet. 2,559 more words



Do you ever feel like a fraud after a panic attack, especially a bad one? I do.

I have had a rough last couple nights in the anxiety department. 515 more words

You look fine, what's wrong with you?

Why am I not ever motivated or able to blog on a good day? There have been a lot of those but today is not one of them. 696 more words

Thoughts And Ramblings

What is an anxiety attack like?

I may look okay but I’m an anxious wreck today and it’s best if you’d just stay away. I feel like im about to pass out; I feel shakey and off balance, keeping myself composed takes real talent. 112 more words

Feeling positive

Last weekend was amazing! It was one of my best friends Becky’s Hen Do and we went to Dublin, I laughed all weekend!

But even though I was excited and looking forward to it as usual the weeks leading up to the Hen Do had my anxieties playing war in my mind… 363 more words

The Marbles and the Elephant

I don’t always lose my marbles, but when I do I lose them all.

Not just the one marble.

Every single marble.

It was EPIC! 339 more words

21st Century Mom

How to manage panic attacks – and why you should never ignore them

It can start with a racing heart, feeling weak or faint then move on to a sense of terror that is so crippling that you begin to feel chest pains and problems breathing. 685 more words