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Relief from Panic Attacks

I want to give a shout out to everyone who’s ever had a panic attack before.  People who have never experienced one personally just don’t understand it.  717 more words

Ash: a nursing student living with mental illness.

Welcome and thanks for sneaking a peak at my new blog!

I haven’t blogged before, but I decided to give it a try when I realized how hard it was to find other nurses/nursing students/health care professionals who are willing to share about their personal experiences with mental illness. 580 more words


Smiles Against Anxiety: Don't rush me!

Ah, here I am again.

The majestic harmonisations of Jack Johnson’s voice caressing my ears while I try to figure out how I’m supposed to turn my chaotic thoughts into comprehendible text. 1,098 more words

Mental Health

going to the opera!

i’m so tired.

we’re going to the opera  today, a matinee. we’re seeing Mozart’s  The Magic Flute. it’s a late birthday gift for my   husband. i haven’t been to any kind of cultural arty event in years. 70 more words

Incidentally You Have a Brain Tumor and Your Van Won't Start

I’m not whining, for the record, I’m recording. Those violins are entirely coincidental.

Ever have an experience that was so thoroughly insane that you wondered whether God-in-heaven had just… 933 more words

Personal Journey

Why I stopped posting

I stopped writing because I got freaked out. Triggered because I felt exposed. Or taken advantage of. Or maybe I realized that I could still so easily fall into a predator van of sorts because I so honestly bare my soul in words. 273 more words


Right now, I'm alive

“Focus on the moments that you are alive.”

I think, this is a good quote to live by.

There’s no point in fearing the unknown, of tomorrow, of the future. 96 more words

My Panic Diary