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The Right Therapist?

My beloved therapist of seven or eight years lived over an hour away. She didn’t charge me for our sessions (I guess I was a charity case), so I felt guilty and didn’t call her unless it was an emergency. 930 more words

Bipolar Disorder

My First Panic Attack 

The first time I had a proper panic attack I was in Tesco cafe, I was having the vegetarian breakfast and coca-cola with a straw. We just dropped my cat off with the vets to be spayed and I had anxiety about the operation not going smoothly, it went fine but at the time I was scared and didn’t know what to do. 251 more words

Interlude Part 2: Favourite Battles Pt2 (5-1)

The final part of the interlude before normality sets in again. Already in the first part of this we’ve seen destruction, Sir Killalot on fire, more destruction, controversy and did I mention destruction? 1,629 more words


Am I Depressed?

So I’ve been thinking about writing a blog type thing as kind of a diary or in lieu of actually talking to someone so I figure why not chuck it out there on the internet for all to to see, I feel the sense of anonymity lifts that veil of fear of judgement, I mean, I don’t know you, you don’t know me so what can go wrong right?

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Magnesium and My Story

By Joan McDaniel              July 21, 2017

I have written about the importance of magnesium in my article Magnesium are you deficient. 

Since that time I have learned the value of Dr. 1,294 more words

Human Body

In the end.

Chester is gone and sometimes I want to be gone too.

Today, one of my favorite performers took his own life. Chester Bennington was a singer for Linkin Park. 619 more words


the worst part about crying

I have a new category called Angry Thoughts. It was just a matter of time. First post will be on its way. Random Thoughts is emptyyyy. 390 more words