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In the snow 

I can’t sleep.

This happens every so often. I don’t want to convey that I’m an insomniac as I don’t think that’s accurate but every few months, I have about a fortnight of surviving on an hour. 208 more words

Mental Health


Let me get this situation out of my head. This just happened today. Yes, that nasty triggers that spring up on you. Even though I woke up with a positive mindset. 492 more words


Can I sit on the end please?

No pictures for this post because this is serious brain stuff.

In light of all the great mental health awareness raising lately, I thought one of my blogs would eventually have to be about Anxiety. 1,927 more words


An Ode to Anxiety

Below is the shittiest compilation of words ever to be typed into the fickle debauchery contained in the interweb’s cyberspace, but writing this horrendous mess placated me through a full-blown anxiety attack. 224 more words


Anxiety and Panic

Sweaty palms, pounding heart, tightening in your throat. Oh no, it’s happening again. Your mind is racing with every dreadful possibility that could happen in this very moment, what do you do? 1,261 more words


When I was 7...

The first time I became unstuck like Billy Pilgrim was in 1st or second grade.  I could not handle life the way others seemed to.  Going to school and being away from my mother was excruciatingly painful at that age.   791 more words


and the academy award goes toooooo:

Anyone hiding.  Especially those with anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness they are struggling with.
one of the most common responses to my blog has been, “OH MY GOD.   727 more words