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THRIVE: A Solution For Anxiety?

It’s no secret that I suffer with Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder. I’ve tried a cocktail of prescription medicines, CBT, self-help books, herbal remedies and more recently, meditation. 796 more words

The Message

I am in my spot where I find the most comfort when I need it. Its here I feel I can hide if I need too, feel safe if I need it, and know it won’t betray me. 176 more words


Good week, bad day. 

It’s been a whilse since my last post hasn’t it?

Turth be told I haven’t really known what to talk to you all about, it’s been a very challenging month. 583 more words

Friendly Chats

The minefield of parenting today

Parenting today seems, for many, to be loaded with pressure. As does ‘growing up’ today.

Time is pressured, there is pressure to be a ‘successful’ parent, a pressure to ensure our children ‘succeed’,  a pressure to help out financially,  a pressure to accept very different values to our own about things such as alcohol, spending, drugs, sex, dress codes and personal responsibility. 492 more words

Life Coach

Happy Thanksgiving!

Guess what?! It’s Thanksgiving. Which means it’s even closer to my favorite holiday: Christmas!! It’s 31 days to be exact. Today might be a little rough… Lots of people are coming to my house today and some of them are kind of strangers who only come to see us on holidays. 302 more words


Panic Attack

I had a really awful moment last night, it was about 10pm and I was just getting ready for bed.  As is my usual routine I had been upstairs and changed into my night-clothes and was now waiting by the back door for my dog who had gone into the garden to do her necessaries. 189 more words


When the mind is full: Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Well, I’m not going to define it from a dictionary and not even gonna say that it means meditation. I’ll rather say what I know: It is a state of mind where the mind is full of the situation that is happening in a specific moment, that means that you are full concentrated on that task the whole time you are in it. 377 more words