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Oh man I don’t even remember what I last wrote about! Should have probably checked.

Long story cut short, I went into labor on Monday evening the 1st of February, and after the water broke on Tuesday morning I rushed to the hospital because it was thick and brown and I knew something was wrong. 663 more words

Here and Now

During one of my attempts to obliterate GAD, I was looking up anxiety apps on my phone and came across this awesome way to ground yourself and to stay in the present, if you’re feeling anxious; mind racing, catastrophic thinking, etc. 252 more words


Written in a Traffic Jam

The sun comes up, it’s time to rise,

I stretch my arms and rub my eyes.

The day is here and ‘bout to start,

There’s work to do, do I have the heart? 110 more words


Thank you to the woman on the train

We had one minute to get our 17:43 train so we dashed from the DLR up to platform where the train was waiting. My running resembles Phoebe from… 624 more words

I’m sure in pain today. Got up this morning just fine. My hip hasn’t been bothering me all that much the past week or so. … 212 more words

Personal Life


This blog is changing.
It’s something that I strongly have thought about.
From now on (sometimes, anyways) the blog posts will be in depth, and… 62 more words

It Goes On And On

Day three and the war has yet to be won. But progress has been made.

Is there truly ever such thing as a war that is won? 1,212 more words

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