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Today Is a Bad Day

Let me start this off by detailing what I scribbled out on may notebook an hour or two ago:

Mommy being home today really fucked with me. 867 more words

Mental Health

The Call of the Void

Hi All!

Thanks for God today I did not have any significant OCD attack or any serious symptoms but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. 415 more words



I couldn’t breath, exhaustion set in I just wanted to sleep, the burning in my chest  made me want to cry out. “I was gonna kiss you if you hadn’t stopped” you said smirking. 537 more words


Dealing with a Panic Attack at Work

For people with Panic Attacks, having an attack in public is among the biggest fears.  Unfortunately, panic attacks are often triggered by stress, and because for many, their job environments are both highly demanding and stressful, this makes it very likely that an attack may happen at the work place.  506 more words

A panickless panic attack

Today was not s great day in general. Back at work after a long weekend, doing my own job with two members of my team gone whilst covering a job I have little experience in and being expected to teach this job to a new person. 351 more words



As I sit on my couch, juggling a laptop on my legs, Criminal Minds on for background noise, a newborn snoring in an awkward position on my chest, and a overfilled bladder, I can’t help but think to myself, … 870 more words

Dear Colleen

Colleen looked again at the letter, written by her area manager.

“Dear Colleen,

Thank you for your letter dated blah blah in response to our letter dated blah blah. 302 more words