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Welcome To Man Feelings

About me

So here’s my first post, I don’t want to tell my name because I don’t want abuse as the world still isn’t the nicest place at excepting mental illness yet, so I’ll go the name Man feelings, (taken from Peep Show). 159 more words

Dear Anxiety


After everything we’ve been through, the longest relationship iv had to date but the most rewarding and completely mess free goodbye, you think it’s ok for you to just pop in without so much as a “how do you do?” 100 more words




Of a word

A sound a smell

An unexpected touch

All hell at heel rears up

Constricts the throat

A boa snake takes limbs… 19 more words

Panic Attack

Stomach turning within itself.

Irregular breaths escape in rapid succession;

no… CHOKED out!

Clenching of chest as attempt in soothing;

you just want to breathe normally. 57 more words


Four Months on Cipralex

Note: Some of this is going to sound extremely cheesy and might make you cringe a little but, I was in a good mood when I wrote this so bear with me. 255 more words


Natural Anxiety Remedies

Stress relief – this is something that people who experience anxiety and panic attack need. When it comes to dealing with these things, you have two options: take prescribed medicine, or go a natural and stick to home remedies. 448 more words

Anti Anxiety


A little spark sets off the flame,
And like a nuclear burst, I burst.
Warpy thinking throwing blame
Around inside my head.

I am the reason for this terror, 69 more words