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Panic Button (1964, George Sherman)

Watching Panic Button, two adjectives came to mind repeatedly. Anemic and stupefying. It’s incredible the things the film can’t make funny–like Maurice Chevalier, Carlo Croccolo and Eleanor Parker dressed up as nuns trying to make it to a Venice film festival. 586 more words


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Panic Button (Movie Review)

There are four people of questionable morals who win a trip off of some social media site that is clearly a Facebook ripoff. Which really makes no sense cause since when did Facebook ever do anything like that but whatever this takes place in England. 632 more words


Twitter Whisperer + Panic

In my last post I showed you how to control a computer remotely by tweeting your commands in your Twitter account. In that same post I also mentioned the possibility of adding the feature of the… 354 more words


How Police Uses Internet To Increase Security In Sukabumi, Indonesia

Slowly but sure, the use of internet has changed the way people work in the globe. In Indonesia, the benefit of internet is used by Police Department in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. 157 more words

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This bulky smart ring comes with a panic button

From the outside, the Nimb ring looks like a piece of costume jewelry you might get at a garage sale: big, chunky, cheap. But its bulk is really just a mask for its main function: acting as a discreet (“discreet”) storage space for a panic button. 240 more words

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Panic Buttons Mandatory for all Mobile Phones from 2017

Violence against women is a serious problem in India, a country where four rapes occur every hour, according to Bloomberg. In an effort to improve women’s safety, the Indian government now mandates phone makers to include a way for users to quickly call emergency services. 212 more words