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Movies that need a Blu-ray Release

Even though there are thousands of films that have been released on Blu-ray, there are probably even more that have never received the high definition treatment. 501 more words


Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart in PANIC ROOM (2002) - A thinking woman's movie

The following is my entry in The Girl Week Blogathon, being hosted Nov. 16-22, 2015 by the blog Dell on Movies. Click on the above banner, and read a variety of bloggers’ tributes to their favorite movie actresses and heroines! 443 more words


Panic room or Spy hideout?

Below, you will find some of the coolest Panic rooms / Spy hideouts I could find.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  506 more words


The 5 Best Home Invasion Films

The home invasion genre is often overlooked by film buffs but this genre masterfully captures the eerie essence of the Halloween season just passed. So grab some popcorn and turn out the lights! 682 more words

Pop Culture Views


After Welsh progressive rock band Karnataka disbanded in 2004, four members of the group – keyboardist Jonathan Edwards, drummer Gavin Griffiths, guitarist Paul Davies and backing vocalist / flautist Anne-Marie Helder – created a new band called… 420 more words


A short review of "American Ultra" (2015)

The Manchurian candidate is a common trope.  A Manchurian candidate hidden within a neurotic, drug addled, underachieving comic book creator is actually pretty creative.

That’s just one of the reasons that “American Ultra” (2015) had the makings of a great movie.   334 more words

Dry Runs

Been hearing a lot on the radio and tv about The Big One. Apparently our water supply – well, the town’s water supply, we are on well water but who knows if we will be affected the same way – sits on land that will be affected by liquifaction, so the water will literally go down the plug hole. 420 more words