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I’M TURNING MAD CRAZY! I haven’t figured out if it’s due to my nocturnal habits, writing my thesis or lack of social life. Whatever, it is, it needs to be sorted out. 323 more words


Queen of the Ring Presents: Panic Room 3 (Promo) - #BattleRapNews #BattleRapInterviews #BattleRapReport #SayItAgain

Queen of the Ring Presents: Panic Room 3 (Promo) – #BattleRapNews #BattleRapInterviews #BattleRapReport #SayItAgain Read More – https://wp.me/p60eNF-42a

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PANIC ROOM (2002) - A thinking women's movie

There’s an interesting book titled Brave Dames and Wimpettes, in which novelist Susan Isaacs posits that most modern movie heroines still use old feminine wiles instead of brainpower to get what they want. 409 more words


Panic Room: Paul

Yeah, for, like, about ten years, Paul’s been with the Fae. Maybe more? I don’t know.

Seriously, at 6’4” and 400lbs, he gives off this vibe, man. 2,042 more words

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Quick Review of 'Panic Room' (2002)

Masterful! Very well done. Not to be a film geek, but it’s hard not to notice the creative camera movement especially in the first half of the film, that at one point I actually asked out loud “How are they shooting that?!” *Replays the scene* “It feels like we’re going through things”. 125 more words

I Forgot To Categorise This

Mini Me (or "I Want to Be a Tiny Home Owner")

Dear HGTV,

You make me lust over Tiny Houses. You dedicate no fewer than five shows to these treehouses and miniscule apartments and itty-bitty cabins in the forest, and you make this suburban hippie wanna-be drool over the idea of reducing my carbon, albeit wedge-heeled footprint. 463 more words

Quirks And Other Weirdness

Hey There, ATX

I’ve been a resident of Austin, TX for almost a week now, so I’m declaring this Austin Update #1!

The weather is a complete 180 from rainy Stockholm, and although the humidity and my curly hair aren’t quite friends, very few complaints about the sunshine from this end. 143 more words