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Recognizing panic

While I thought I was managing social anxiety, being an introvert, being claustrophobic, having insomnia, being a hoarder, having OCD, having vertigo, agreeing with funny memes about being too lazy to go out on a Friday or making it to the gym (gawd don’t I sound fun!?😂)… I have really been coping with panic disorder. 122 more words

Poetry & Musings

Love in a fur coat. The importance of pets for health.

Colette once said, “Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” Meanwhile our two legged companions are often a source of hurt and pain. 351 more words

Mental Health

risk it for a biscuit

gloomy room smells of imagined conversation,
creased sheets evidence of disturbed sleep,
raise the gate, peek outside, crossbow ready,
usher in the stranger with finger to lips… 37 more words

Instant Poem

9 little eggs

It’s currently 6:18 a.m. and I can’t sleep.

Part of that is due to my schedule being off after sleeping so much on Thursday. And part of it is that my mind is so active that I can’t go back to sleep. 1,069 more words



It keeps coming and going in waves…back and forth, crashing against the sand and pebbles that makeup the fragile and crumbling beachfront of my mind. I can hear them sometimes. 144 more words


It's Been Awhile

Hmmm….It’s been awhile.

Quite awhile.

You would think I had been “cured” and was moving on with life as usual. But alas, I am not. I am actually coming up on my 3 years anniversary of… 142 more words


Courage on the trail

75 miles last hour.

Holding the beast by the reins. Passing Colts, Mustangs, tufts of sun-soaked ditch-wheat waving, beaten by the wind.

Jumping creeks. Saddle-sore. Biting a toothpick, wishing a cowgirl could admire my steel. 54 more words