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Look, it's gift wrapped cheese!

In the interest of full disclosure I will tell you that I completely stole this recipe from one of those little commercials that run on Facebook. 229 more words


Fun Food Friday: Baked Avocado Fries

Did you know that these are a THING?

I was looking for a way to make it easier for LongJohn to grasp slippery avocado without totally. 276 more words


Chicken Katsu with Rice & Quick Pickles

I’ve never been patient. Even when I was two-years-old, I hated waiting. I shouted when I wanted to get out of bed, no matter what time it was. 675 more words


Chicken Katsu Curry


I recently went to a Japanese restaurant in London with my best mate and haven’t been able to stop eating Japanese food since. This is a recipe for a Japanese crispy fried chicken with a sauce made from a curry roux. 359 more words


Crispy, Baked Chicken Fingers with Panko-Halloumi Crust

Easier, healthier, quicker, tastier chicken nuggets. Who wouldn’t want that? These are really easy, foolproof and delicious. For the coating I used panko breadcrumbs, as I like the crispier texture. 195 more words

Easy Recipes


Heres my panko scotch eggs, a little different to your typical scotch egg, but better I think! They are delicious hot or cold. Perfect for summer picnics or lunch boxes! 773 more words


Easy Garlicky Tomato Zoodles

I once overheard someone I admired in college say that she would never be with someone who doesn’t like onions, since she just loved them so much and never wanted to be made to feel bad because of her persistent onion-breath. 698 more words