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Panning...a work in progress

I have always loved taking photos, but these photography classes at Humber College have allowed me to learn new skills and I’m hoping panning will be one of these skills. 89 more words


Must. Run. Fast.

Must. Find. Squirrel.

I think that about sums up Hubble’s approach to backyard warfare-the score today: Squirrels: 1 Hubble: Zip. The object by his back legs is a toy apple that was discarded in pursuit of the squirrel. 43 more words


Skater Boy

Two weeks ago I was on a Photography short course with Daniel Camacho and one of our “models” were these boys skating next to Casa da Música, in Oporto. 41 more words


Volume & Panning. The two most important things about mixing.

The two most important things about a mix are volume and panning. That is what about 40% of your mix is all about. This where you get your levels, and give every instrument it’s own space. 101 more words