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Photojournalism: For every picture there's a story and for every story there's a picture

I’m collecting my thoughts after several days of photojournalism course reading, writing, and photo shooting.     Photojournalism can be defined as the combination of using techniques of both subtlety and swiftness to capture emotion. 444 more words

Products to Use Up in 2017

Over the years, I’ve become much more particular and discerning about my makeup purchases and collection. I’m always in the mood to de-clutter (not throw away, but pass on to friends or family.) I want to have a collection of products I love, not a collection of way too many products I feel meh about. 820 more words


5 by Finals Intro

I’ve started a new project pan! I posted on Instagram that I wanted to join one and I got a couple suggestions to either join 6 by Summer or make a new one altogether. 899 more words


February Project Pan

I keep seeing women posting about decluttering their beauty collections and actually using their products and not just throwing them out. My beauty collection isn’t all that big yet but I’ve decided it’s time to declutter some of my stuff too. 400 more words


Creativity in Motion

This assignment for my Media 115 class, Introductory Video, was to create five ten second videos using various basic techniques in combination with different concepts. I love storytelling and relished the challenge to tell a story in ten seconds. 422 more words


Creativity in Motion, Part 2

In Creativity in Motion, Part 1, our assignment was to showcase motion graphics from three films or videos.

Our assignment here was to create five ten second videos using various basic video techniques in combination with different concepts. 277 more words

Media 115