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With Blood and Sweat: Antenna Field

So I took the opportunity to field my Shock Army after some time, having finished painting the Tikbalang this morning I wanted to run it, and my opponent wanted to run his finished Iguana. 981 more words


Sunrise Over Whitney Ranch Pano

So, I got up this morning to try my hand at shooting a timelapse. . . it ended up with a terrible flicker, so I bagged that and stitched together a pano of the sunrise instead. 8 more words


Waimea Canyon Panorama

So, of course, when you’re looking at any canyon you need to make a panorama, right? Well, here’s one I made at the Waimea Canyon lookout. 72 more words



Last week, on a windswept and rainy morning, I ventured forth along the Moonrise Trail.  My trusty Df and 50mm came along, and in the wind and rain, we took 1000 images (ah, how I love digital!   23 more words


High and low: some more thoughts on South America

On a previous post I commented about how the major language families of South America appear to form two blocks based on shared vocabulary and morphology. 1,570 more words


Early Morning

Another photo from the misty, moisty morning I climbed out of bed . . . .  While the Galaxy S5 takes OK panos, I like the stitching-together process better.   56 more words