A city made of legos and electricity

Today I saw panorama

by 200 people

It looks like New York City Model.

I think it is made of electricity and lego pieces

I think the artist made it by New York City… 34 more words


The fun of the Panorama is all about the excitement of recognition

The panorama was so cool! I found my apartment building. I saw other buildings and parks I know too.



A riotous mix of impressions makes Alice feel like she can see everything

Today I saw the Panorama and the Taiwan gallery in the museum

By Robert Moses and Raymond Lester and associates (Panorama) . Milford Graves (b. Jamaica Queens 1941) 127 more words


Details and shifting scales captivate Duff

What is it about the detailed hand made object that becomes so lovely & engaging? How does craft captivate us so thoroughly?

How Great to see the shifting perspective of ascending/descending around the city model. 27 more words