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Pansies This Time

I belong to a website called “Paint My Photo” where very generous photographers provide examples of their work for others to use for drawing or painting.   38 more words



Brilliant and unedited, I took these snap shots of flowers from my backyard. I’m really impressed by the iPhone 5c camera. I think it took some pretty damn nice pictures of these beauties – up close and personal. 21 more words


End of Month Views: March 31, 2015

I am delighted to share a few photographs to show what it happening in my garden at the end of March. After a long, cold and damp winter, spring is here; perennials are leaping out of the ground, vines are reaching upward, and trees are turning green. 194 more words


Pansies, Pansy Orchids & Dog's Tooth Violets

In my last post, My Miltoniopsis Is Blooming Again, I talked about the Pansy Orchid (Miltoniopsis). A week or so after publishing that post, I went to the Post Office to buy some stamps. 317 more words


Colorful Pansies

I need some color!

Between the Black and White 5-Day Challenge and the drab state of affairs outside due to this long winter, my blog and I are in need of some color. 41 more words


Thoughts on Palm Sunday , or how I didn't become a chaplain.

In my mid-forties, when I was brimming with confidence, and, yes, hubris, I contemplated a career as a chaplain; specifically a workplace/industrial chaplain. With this aim in my mind, I enrolled in a few courses to learn some basic counseling and communication skills. 622 more words