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Tickets bought for the 2Magpiestheatre production of Ventoux.

This is a stage play of the battle between Lance Armstong and the legend that is Marco Pantani on Mont Ventoux in the Tour De France in 2000. 26 more words


GIRO-100: Un centenar plin de amintiri, dar si mari dificultati, o cursa pentru caractere tari

Am scris ieri, la cald, de editia 2017, centenara, a Turului ciclist al Italiei, in ceea ce are special din punct de vedere al ideii de baza a organizatorilor de acum: comemorarea primei sute de editii prin reamintirea marilor nume ale cursei roz, Coppi, Bartali, Pantani, Nibali. 601 more words

GIRO-100: Omagiu adus marilor campioni - Coppi, Bartali, Baldini, Pantani si Nibali

Editia centenara, din 2017, a Turului ciclist al Italiei va duce plutonul din Sardinia pana la Milano, dupa un parcurs dificil, trasat ca un omagiu adus marilor campioni ai ciclismului italian: Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Ercole Baldini, Marco Pantani sau Vincenzo Nibali, starturile sau sosirile din unele etape fiind din sau in localitatile natale ale acestor legende. 403 more words

Swiss Epic Flow - stage 4 - #BALLERNDELUXE

Nach der knappen Entscheidung gestern war klar, dass es heute auf einen Showdown hinauslaufen könnte zwischen Ghost, Ride Flow und uns. Die Winter-Asse werden natürlich versuchen, die 9,5 Minuten Rückstand an den beiden letzten Tagen aufzuholen, während die Downhill-Götter von Ghost natürlich wieder gern auf den 2. 663 more words



There was palpable threat to life of players plying their trade with Supreme Court FC after Armed Robbers invaded their camp located within Angwashimu area in Mararaba, a suburb of Abuja on Friday night and took away valuable properties including monies and other materials worth thousands of Naira. 247 more words


What's in a name?

Pro-cycling, with its inherent European-ness, throws up all kinds of testing pronunciations for the average English speaker.

Southern Europe is straightforward, and we’ve largely got the hang of that. 491 more words


Nel segno del Falco - parte 1

Si sa, le corse a tappe di ciclismo sono un grande spettacolo. Settimane a correre su e giù per le montagne, le lunghe tappe a cronometro, la fatica che si accumula, le gambe  cedono, le crisi che si alternano ai trionfi, le grandi imprese su ripidi pendii, attorniati da folle esultanti. 1,576 more words