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Why I don’t wear pants - Baby Blanche

Due to the kind of clothes she likes
to wear and is comfortable in, Baby
Blanche has revealed in an interview
with Showbiz that she hardly wears… 199 more words

Pic & Pan 3

Talking of tarty blondes with gorgeous legs I think this girl over on the new Spick and Span “tribute site” (if I may call it that) Girlie-Zine is absolute heaven. 176 more words



To take our leave of the “Home Girls” and the ubiquitous Jane McKay chair for the time being, here is the lovely tarty blonde Kim West giving a classic Spick and Span stocking tops display in the Croydon eyrie (blinds closed) which takes some beating. 93 more words


The first time

It wasn’t that much fun

before I got my panties off

he was already done

 © Kait King, 2015

Kait King


Tracey Collins was not exactly an S&S A-lister and her name would probably not be the first to come to mind when considering ToCo, but she was unusual in that she made her debut as a fresh-faced girl in the early Sixties and did not appear again until she was a more mature woman much later on. 85 more words


What Every Outfit Needs, No Matter Your Style

“Great lingerie is the foundation to any outfit. It’s the first thing you put on and it’s the most intimate expression of your style.” This is the philosophy at… 101 more words

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