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Have You Ever?

Have you ever dug around a container in your kitchen pantry looking for the elusive piece of chocolate, tea bag, or other such treat? This happened to me yesterday, as it occasionally does when I do not keep up regular grocery shopping. 271 more words


Pancake Mix

On the weekend I had a sudden craving for maple syrup soaked pancakes so I made a quick trip to my local Coles and bought Green’s Pancake Shake Original which was $3.19 for 375 grams and Coles Original Pancake Mix which was $1.50 for 350 grams. 126 more words

Generic Brand

Coconut Cream

In this weeks bulk cooking I decided that a stir fry and some coconut rice would be great. The coconut rice recipe that I use calls for 500mls of coconut cream so I thought I’d test Trident’s premium coconut cream which was $2.15 for 400mls and Coles Smart Buy Coconut Cream which was $0.89 for 400mls. 114 more words

Generic Brand

Long Life Juice

Today I tried the Coles brand Tropical Fruit Drink which was $1.00 and the Golden Circle Tropical Punch which was $2.26

Both juices were made up of 25% fruit and both were free of preservatives as well as artificial colours and sweeteners. 66 more words

Generic Brand

Flavoured Snake Lollies

Trying to impress my little cousin and trick her into liking me I bought some snakes because which little kid doesn’t like lollies?

So being compared this time was the Coles brand snakes for $1.00 and StarBurst Snakes for $3.08. 182 more words

Generic Brand

Corn Chips

So after thinking carefully I decided that as well as trying generic brands why not compare Aldi brands to Popular Commercial brands. I know that Aldi brands aren’t exactly Generic Brands but a lot of people may actually consider Aldi to be a generic supermarket as it stocks Unknown brands at cheaper prices which is similar to my concept of trying generic brand items. 118 more words

Generic Brand

Frozen Apple Pie Dessert

For dessert I decided to try Coles Brand snack Apple Pies and Nanna’s Golden and Crispy Apple Pie. The Coles Brand pies were $2.80 for 500grams and the Nanna’s pie was $6.26 for 600grams. 170 more words

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