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The holiday season is right upon us and it’s a great time to be creative in the kitchen. This time of year always brings with it great food and good friends. 475 more words


Marissa's Pantry Staples

For the second part of our Pantry Series, I (Marissa) am giving you a glimpse into the five items that are essential to my kitchen pantry. 638 more words

Storing food without plastic

Plastics are a hot button issue, most Americans are aware that they are filling up our landfills, but not what to do instead. The short answer is, use as little as you can and recycle everything else. 1,943 more words

How To

Brownie Mix Recipe II

Making your own brownie mix comes with a lot of benefits. It saves you money, you can control exactly what you want in your mix, you can use a little for a small pan or a lot for a bake sale, you reduce the amount of packaging you put into the landfill, and  it can be packaged in jars as last minute gifts. 328 more words


Bread Crumbs & Why You Should Be Making Them

Bread crumbs are a widely used kitchen staple. While we’ve all bought them at some point or another, you might be surprised at just how easy they are to make at home, not to mention how much money you will save. 596 more words


6 Foods You Should Always Have In Your Pantry

Next up in our series of ‘Sandy’s Six‘ blog posts, Executive Chef Sandy DiGiovanni here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City, allows us a virtual peek into her home pantry.  457 more words

Chef Sandy DiGiovanni