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Tuna Quick Sauce

Today was a productive day. I love those days where I just have the urge to organize and clean things that often get neglected. I wasn’t, however, so productive in the kitchen. 366 more words


Tex-Mex Inspired Sandwich Filling (When Lunchtime Creeps Up on You and You Start to Panic...)

I have spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks unpacking. It seems like it’s taken For.Ev.Er. because we did two weeks of painting and carpet removal before the furniture and boxes even arrived, then we went out of town to celebrate my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary, and since then I’ve had two weeks to actually unpack. 853 more words

Healthy Recipe

Walnut and Panko Crusted Mahi Mahi With Sweet Soy Chili Glaze 

You want to know a secret about me? No, it’s not that juicy. But it’s relevant.

I hate going grocery shopping. Like, literal hate. Like, I won’t do it for weeks at a time and will subsist entirely off of things in the pantry and the freezer. 955 more words

Tasty-As-Shit Lentils and Grains

My best friend is a Sephardic Jew from Iran. Like many of my first generation friends, she really only learned to cook in order to ensure she had a steady supply of food to satiate her cravings for family staples while away at college. 1,276 more words