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Blog - Eva’s Byte #162: A Method to the Madness

As part of my creative process for writing, I’m steering clear of anything unethical, while embracing the means of ingenuity as a strategy for justifying the end result of a full-fledged novel. 279 more words


Indie Writing - about outlining in reverse

Most Indie writers will be aware of the two extremes of writing technique: pantsting and outlining. Well, I’m kind of a hybrid. Most of the time I write as a ‘pantster’, meaning that I allow my sub-conscious to direct the flow of the story rather than planning it out ahead of time. 175 more words


What the cat dragged in

I write in the dark, which means that I like to write without planning out the entire story.

For the longest time, I was convinced that I was the only person who wrote like us. 636 more words

Creative Process

If I Keep This Up - Prompt: Elaborate

My current novel project was created five days ago. In five days, I have written 10,862 words — 2,172 words per day on average.

If I continue at this pace, I will have written enough words to at least qualify my work as novel-length in less than 30 day. 564 more words



By Nancy Raven Smith

There have been lots of brick walls in my life, such as the ones I used to jump my horse over, the ones in relationships, and those on the outer walls of the house I grew up in. 796 more words

Writer's Notes

Planning (Deconstructing Writing Advice #7)

Planning. Some love it, others despise it. Personal preference seems to play a large part in this debate, I’ve noticed, though many people have made reasonable arguments for each side. 214 more words

Starting Your Query before Your Novel is Completed?

I’m a Panster, (or is it Pantster?) which means that my characters tell me their story, not the other way around. It’s unconventional, from what I’ve been told, but it works for me. 492 more words