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#amwriting - using StoryBox 2.0

I’ve been using StoryBox novel writing software for years now so it’s easy to forget what a difference it makes to my writing. You see, I’m a pantster at heart. 981 more words


I'm a "Plantser" this year. What about you?

Every year, National Novel Writing Month (or as it’s more commonly known as, NaNoWriMo) occupies the brains and creativity of thousands upon thousands of writers of different levels while they sit down and try their hardest to spit out 50,000 words of a novel. 437 more words


What kind of writer are you?

Every writer’s writing process is personal. There is no one way to do it and it may evolve as you move forward. All of my writing depends on so many factors, such as my environment, my state of mind, any distractions, and any slivers of inspiration.  276 more words

Pantster for Life!

I’m a pantster. This means I don’t plot out my novel before writing. I get an idea and then dive right in. I learn my characters and figure out plot as I go. 465 more words


The Symphony and Other Writing Methods

Some writers are off like a shot as soon as they write “Chapter One.”

Then there are authors like Libba Bray, who says her method (besides being utter madness) is more like a symphony, where she pulls elements together with a *grabby hands* kind of discretion and writes what comes to mind.   335 more words



By Sherry who is so happy to see blooms on the hydrangeas this year!

I confess, writing book three in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mysteries was more like wrestling a greased pig, than writing a novel. 819 more words

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