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TMI Thursday: Underthings, unmentionables, underwear

Let’s start with the TMI. HA.

Sometimes, when you’re a “lady,” there are parts that get irritated on long runs. This happens for me in particular, about once a month, when there may be some “additional” items involved. 1,106 more words

Dear Kates

Don't You Own A Mirror?

I sat next to a woman who, when she got up, had on bright fuchsia undies beneath white, nylon exercise pants.  My panty-line alarm went off to the point of insanity since everyone on the bus starred at her rather ample ass as she got off.  405 more words


Shop by Shape: Her Room

Her Room is a online lingerie destination for all shapes and sizes. They have a great selection of undergarments for every occasion.

Our breasts are more complicated than just numbers and letters — any bra-shopping experience will likely remind you of that. 176 more words

Shop By Shape

#SaucySaturday - Back To Basics

Ladies and gents welcome to the very first blog from The Pantie Purse at The Glamour Suite. We are extremely pleased to continue this partnership with our very own flare that we have dubbed #SaucySaturday – our sexiest day of the week! 388 more words


THE fashion DON'T

LEGGINGS (as pants)

Do not attempt to show off the avoided panty line, the dreaded camel toe, or even a bad case of sagging crotch. Since when has it been announced appropriate to show off a thong, and full behind? 100 more words

Four cheeks are better than two.

Imagine this: you come home from a long day at work. The couch is there. It looks at you. You look at it. Cue romantic Little Mermaid “Kiss the Girl” music. 399 more words


Business Thongs

I don’t like wearing thongs. They go right up my butt crack, and because I have such a large posterior, it can sometimes be difficult to remove the thong from the crack. 634 more words

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