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WINSday Wisdom | Ditch Those Panties | 7 Reasons To Let That Yoni Breathe

While the majority of women prefer Victoria’s Secret, Haynes, & Fruit of the Loom…there is a smaller percentage of the female population who opt for “Going Commando”! 390 more words

Winsday Wisdom

30 Day Anime Challenge: Revengance #24

This is the worst post I’ve ever made, I actually don’t want you to read it. I don’t say anything interesting, and it’s all just fluff for the sake of this stupid challenge. 148 more words



Intimate pieces are a part of us like the air we breathe. We wear different type of bras for different outfits so why we should compromise wearing the same old… 411 more words

Surprise this Valentine by Gifting Her Lingerie

Planning to go out with your wife or girlfriend, this Valentine ’s Day, make sure you buy Sexy Bra Panty Set Online before you start packing up. 430 more words

Illustrious Cosplay Azur Lane By 三刀刀刀刕

Cosplayer: 三刀刀刀刕

Character: HMS Illustrious (cn: 光辉; jp: イラストリアス)

Game/Serie: Azur Lane (cn: 碧蓝航线; jp: アズールレーン)