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First Episode Impression: Punch Line

I was a bit apprehensive about Punch Line. The synopsis led me to believe it would be an anime with very little substance. Punch Line is about a boy, Iridatsu Yu (a name which, itself is a sexual pun), who unlocks super powers and can even destroy the world if he sees girl’s underwear. 430 more words



It feels old here the newnessity has worn off.I know it’s not a word .I’ve been thinking about pen palling for years but first i’d have to find a pen pal and a sane , non violent stalker kind.Somebody who enjoys writing letters and doesn’t want to talk on the internet.But i’d think not ,its better to be safe than sorry.We always have to be looking over our shoulders and over thinking everything.That’s how bad this world has got.Can’t have a pen pal without thinking of freddie vs jason, or a horror movie happening. 258 more words


Anime Girl de A a Z: Panty Anarchy

Panty Anarchy é a mais velha das irmãs Anarchy e é a protagonista de Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. O nome de Panty traduzido para cuequinha (ou calcinha em português do Brasil) deriva do objeto que ela consegue transformar em arma. 148 more words

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Daily update Chastity and Panties

Another has passed, another day longer in chastity. Another day closer to release that is still a month and over a half away. Provided I behave. 57 more words


The right foundation makes the women

They say the clothes make the man. I say the right foundation makes the women. I’m not talking about a properly fitting bra specifically, though that’s crucial; I am talking shape wear in general. 579 more words