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"So, It Looks Like Your Pap Came Back Abnormal"

I’m in my kitchen, daydreaming about a new laptop, willing my computer to please move faster than the glacial pace it had settled on operating at lately. 577 more words


October: International Breast Cancer Month

Hey lovelies!

So, as most of you probably know, October is International Breast Cancer awareness month. I cannot over-stress the importance of regular check ups. Years ago, a family friend died of breast cancer. 407 more words

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Hey Ladies, Let's Talk About Cancer.

I’m sorry but this is a serious post, not as in it’s dull so don’t read it, but as in there’s a real message and you should listen up. 3,351 more words


Planned Parenthood Would Like to Remind You About Its Affordable Pap Smears

With all the hullabaloo in the media recently, Planned Parenthood would like to remind everyone of its many affordable gynecological services. They offer a full range of important medical procedures to women from all walks of life, and none of them involve selling anything to anybody for research purposes. 537 more words

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My Date with A Speculum

In my part of the world they say to get a pap smear every three years if you are a women without symptoms of cervical cancer from age 25-69 who are, or have been, sexually active… 944 more words

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Pap Test Practices Around the World Reveal Interesting Findings

One might reasonably assume that frequent pap tests would result in lower incidence of cervical cancer, but a closer look reveals that this is not the case. 221 more words

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The Trials of Being a Woman

There are a lot of trialling aspects about being a woman.

Society demands a million different things from us. We demand even more from ourselves. We have a host of health risks our x-chromosome counter parts don’t have to worry about. 718 more words