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Pelvic Model Update 4/4

There is a lot to cover with this post. For one, the cervix and vagina molds have been printed and tested. Well… testing. The silicone cervix came out great. 405 more words

3d Printing

My First OB-GYN Experience

I’m 28 and like most of my friends, I was an OB-GYN virgin up until a few weeks ago. If not for irregularities down south, I still probably wouldn’t have gone. 271 more words


Printing has begun

I broke the torso model into parts earlier this week and had them looked over and approved by the client. I used a combination of Meshmixer and Tinkercad to break the parts up for 3D printing. 271 more words

3d Printing

Sensitive post!

So on January 25th 2018 I had my first ever Pap smear. I was due one when I was 25 ( September 2016) but I was pregnant with Thea so the doctors would not perform this until after I had given birth. 1,580 more words


3D Modeling for Pelvis

So, I should be finished modeling the pelvis. From here, I’m going to start cutting the model of the body into pieces for 3D printing and using the models of the uterus, cervix, and vagina to make molds so I can cast them in silicone. 408 more words

3d Printing

Pelvic Model is Underway

I began work on the pelvic model last weekend. I started with a sphere and sculpted the torso from that.

I’m planning on moving the vagina farther north and a little bit away from the anus. 163 more words

3d Printing

Cervical (pap) Smear

“What exactly do I need my cervix for anyway?”, a friend asked as she berated me for postponing yet another appointment to have a cervical smear test. 653 more words