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Cervical Cancer Awareness: Why get a Pap Smear?

Let’s face it… Pap Smears aren’t fun.  The only test to sample tissue for cervical cancer just happens to be one of the most embarrassing and awkward.   619 more words


I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You

Yesterday I found myself drinking through a straw and the proud owner of a lisp.

Did I get beat up? Did my Core de Force living room boxing/martial arts training fail me on the mean streets of Moose Jaw?! 670 more words

Ladies - Do You Groom?

I’m not talking in general, but specifically when you go to the gynecologist. Do you groom your body before a pap smear or gynecologist exam? I mean I can’t be the only woman who thinks it is important when heading to the gynecologist to make sure that my pedicure is fresh and everything else from the top to body is as well. 213 more words


Ways to Participate in Cervical Cancer Awareness Month 2017

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. At this time every year (and in the following months), we are on the mission to spread knowledge and education about this highly preventable disease. 428 more words

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How to Prevent Cervical Cancer ?

Cervical Cancer is now very common in women as it develops from the cervix. It is an additional growth of the cell in the cervix. The extra growth of the cell in the cervix leads to the blockage in the other parts of the body. 443 more words

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Cervical Cancer Prevention - The Pap Smear

An experienced obstetrician and gynecologist, Keith Reisler, MD, provides a high professional standard of care to women at his Plano, TX-based private practice. Among the many screening methods… 160 more words

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What Happens during Your Pelvic Exam?

In partnership with their doctors, women are responsible for staying up to date with their health. One way you can maintain women’s health is to get regular pelvic exams every year. 391 more words

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