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8 emotional stages of getting a Pap Smear using Kim Kardashian gifs

There’s no denying that Pap Smears play a super important role in preventing cervical cancer and the detection of STI’s, but no one said anything about having to like them! 630 more words


Three Years Later: Why I Don't Need A Pap Exam

Thanks to Facebook, I was reminded the other day that it has been 3 years since I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Gee thanks Facebook? But yasssssss! 972 more words

Apa itu Pap Smear? Dan Kapan sebaiknya dilakukan Pap Smear?

Pap smear sebetulnya mungkin tidak aneh lagi bagi kita perempuan. Karena ini merupakan pemeriksaan yang hanya dilakukan untuk perempuan. Namun terkadang karena suatu dan lain hal perempuan merasa takut dan masih belum siap untuk melakukan pap smear. 502 more words

Pap Smear

I Don't Accept "Challenges"

The ice bucket challenge, the love your spouse challenge, perfect mum challenge (or what ever it was called), any of those things. For starters the people I love are told and shown regularly, I don’t need to prove it to Facebook, and for seconds they blur on my timeline, the awareness they are trying to raise gets lost in the sea of sameness so ends up doing nothing. 362 more words

An Experience in Womanhood

So the dreaded pap smear for those of us who have vaginas is a thing so weird for a variety of reasons.

Just yesterday, I had my first pap smear at the tender age of twenty. 301 more words

Thoughtless Rush

Cookie Monster in a Pap Smear

C is for cookie but also for cervix.


Histology from the microscope of @mdorda7 (Insta)

I Got A Pap Smear Today And So Should You

Firstly, I need to preface this article by saying that I don’t know how to be a proper adult yet and I still find making doctors appointments super scary, so I nagged my mum and eventually she did it for me. 469 more words

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