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Blog #1 (The Shaq-a-roni Pizza)

Ok look, this blog is very much my own opinion and something I think I can make good and fun content with. It will be very exaggerated and very opinionated and when you agree hopefully you will be like “YOOOO thats facts that food is schmakin’!!” and if you disagree we can fight about in the comments and just have a fun back and forth with it. 207 more words

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Papa John Claims He Ate 40 Pizzas In 30 Days In An Interview, And I Don't Think It's That Weird Or Surprising

So one of the big internet stories from this week was that John Schnatter, better known as Papa John, found his way back into the public eye for the first time since being ousted as the CEO and spokesperson of the pizza chain that he founded and still bears his nickname. 785 more words