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I'll See Your 2 Popes and Raise You 5 Presidents

That would be, after the next inauguration, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all improving the world during the reign of Hilary or Donald. 374 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Benedict on "Providential" Pope Francis

Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict have expressed appreciation for the friendship that has grown between them on the occasion of the publication of Elio Guerriero’s biography of Pope Benedict XVI. 933 more words

The Decollation of St. John the Baptist

Today we honor the martyrdom of St. John the Baptist, the Forerunner of Our Lord. According to Fr. Zuhlsdorf*, the feast began as the feast of the translation of St. 343 more words

Feast Days

​Are God’s Saints of the Pope’s Making?

1Cor 1
2 To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, saints by calling, with all who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours: 1,604 more words

Post-Millennial Reformed Doctrine

... The Holy Father must remain a Strong Voice [#Human Rights]...

.. addressing issues in the U.S. is one thing ..

.. doing it at the U.N. is expected of any Pope ..

.. but facing up to a dictatorship , that is the real test .. 79 more words

Personal Opinion

Doctors of the Church Host - Fr. Charles Connor (audio)

Doctors of the Church
Host – Fr. Charles Connor
Fr. Charles Connor examines the lives and writings of all 33 Doctors of the Church, men and women who not only contributed to the era in which they lived, but who also helped the Church to understand Herself, Her mysteries, and everything the Lord entrusted to Her. 187 more words

11 The Constant Church

Pope Betrays Chinese Catholics

 is preparing …to grant the communist authorities the privilege of selecting candidates. And he is exiling to an island in the Pacific the highest ranking Chinese archbishop in the curia, contrary to the agreement. 878 more words