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A Troubling Week In Vatican Politics...

The article below is taken from the blog, One Peter Fve (1P5)…

Müller, Küng, Marx, and St. Joan of Arc

On this Feast of St. Athanasius… 408 more words

Revelation 15

The overthrow of the great city Babylon was seen in chapter 14:8-10, but in chapters 15 and 16, the seven last plagues result in the judgment and wrath of God on the false Roman church system, the great whore. 659 more words

Roman Catholic Church

The Pope of Rome is the Antichrist

The following is an excerpt from volume 2 of The Christian’s Reasonable Service by Wilhelmus à Brakel (hardcopy).

The Antichrist: The Foremost and Most Formidable Foe of the Church… 4,364 more words


Küng Claim: Dogma of Infallibility Up For Discussion - How Likely Is That?

Fr. Hans Küng, the Swiss theologian, has told The Tablet that he has received a letter from Pope Francis that responds to his “request to give room to a free discussion on the dogma of infallibility”.     1,214 more words

Confederate Memorial Day Matters

This week, our four southeastern most states honor our sacred state holiday of Confederate Memorial Day. Much is written of the fine Christian men such as President Jefferson Davis, Generals Robert E. 943 more words

Protestant History

Environmentalist Doomsday Cult

Like every cult, Environmentalist whackoes give endless false prophecies of apocalypse & revise frequently when discredited. On the surface, Environmentalism is anti-Christian as it rejects reliance on God for deliverance & places redemption on the works of man. 627 more words


How the Vatican views canon law

An interesting interpretation of Amoris Laetitia by John Allen at Crux:

For Americans, and perhaps Anglo-Saxons generally, law is a lowest common denominator of civic morality.

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