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Rambling Thoughts

I just looked at my most recent blog post on this site and realized that I haven’t posted anything since April.  It’s not as if my life has been so busy that I couldn’t write.  773 more words


78. Pope Donus 676-678

Pope Donus’s…..Donus’…?….Papacy lasted one year,five months and ten days. Nothing of much consequence happened during his reign. Donus was active in renovating St.Peter’s basilica and other Roman Churches. 124 more words

77. Pope Adeodatus II 672-676

Adeodatus II was born in Rome and before becoming Pope he was a member of the Order of Saint Benedict. The Benedictines were known as the Black Monks because of the color of their habits. 86 more words

Problems of the Renaissance Papacy

The Renaissance was marked by secularization, and the papacy was no exception. The Popes were becoming so concerned with art, political power, and other worldly matters that they neglected their spiritual duties, to varying extents. 534 more words


On the Authority of Councils

I’ve been reading through John Davenant’s PRÆLECTIONES DE DUOBUS IN THEOLOGIA CONTROVERSIS (1631) which he wrote against the Jesuits’ claim of infallibility for popes and councils. 500 more words


The Pope: More on Authority 

“Creative Commons Jan Pawel II” by Zbigniew Kotyłło. Licensed by CC Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International.

After the interest my last post generated, I thought I would dwell on the topic of authority a little longer. 663 more words