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126. Pope Leo VII 936-939

Pope Leo VII was either a Cardinal or a Benedictine monk,according to various sources. Leo was handpicked by the ruler of Rome,Alberic II of Spoleto. Alberic was running all things in Rome,including the Papacy,and he needed someone he could both boss around and someone knowledgeable enough about the Church that could answer any questions that Alberic needed answered. 87 more words

Prophecy Unfolding- the Current Pope, False Church and the Great Warning


This video is a summary of prophecies throughout the ages (and its application to the Church today), by renowned Catholic Theologian and author Dr. Kelly Bowring. 353 more words


If You Know Your Latin at Vatican ATM's, Dominus Providebit

The Vatican Bank (officially known as the Institute for the Works of Religion) is the only bank in the world that allows the user to select “Latin” as the language of choice. 7 more words

Fun Facts

A Paradox

A Pope suppressed the Jesuits when they were most deserving of papal support, and a Jesuit became Pope when the Jesuits were most deserving of papal suppression.


A Plea for Unity

I wanted to clarify something I stated in my last post suggesting that the Catholic Church is the true church of Christ which might cause some Protestants to infer that they are… 1,619 more words


Catholic Church declares following Pope Francis' Twitter account to be a new penitential practice

VATICAN CITY — Four long years after first granting indulgences to those who follow Pope Francis’ Twitter account, the Catholic Church has made a landmark doctrinal announcement earlier today. 169 more words

Christian Satire

The Catholic Church and the Pope

Few, familiar with the wider Catholic blogosphere, can be unaware of the presence there of those who not only criticise the current Pope (a thing I may have done a time or two myself) , but who deny that he – and for that matter his immediate predecessors – is Pope at all. 800 more words