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Britney Gives K-Fed blowjob!!!

Britney goes to work for Fed-Ex!

Watch as Britney gives Fed-Ex Blowjob… (click here)

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Nicole Richie seeks help!


Nasty, Classy, and I can’t see ya when you pass me…..

As it has been reported, our buddy Nicole Richie is finally going in to seek help for whatever has been eating alive.  41 more words

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Why does Jessica Simpson keep Bouncing back into our lives?

Jessica Simpson in Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue, perhaps she is close to getting hitched again…

~Above&Below is why she keeps bouncing back into our lives~

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Kim Kardashian is a friend indeed


You know the old saying: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Well, Kim Kardashian is proving to be just that for her best bud Paris Hilton. 77 more words

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Nicole Richie follows in Paris Hilton's shadow by showing us her Thong!

Now that Paris and Nicole are friends again, it looks as if Nicole is back to following in her pals footsteps!
As if starving herself nearly to death wasn’t bad enough, she is now walking around in public showing off her thong which appears to be the same pair she wore out to a club in Hollywood Saturday night…

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Rapper Big Pun was a fatass woman beater

I know it’s not right to speak ill of the dead but, if his fatass was alive and this was my sister, I can tell you for sure that he would not have died from being overweight! 6 more words

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