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XMAS / Origami Gift Box

Hello again,

So after I had made approximately 20 paper snowflakes and stars (my partner can attest to that) I thought it would be nice to make my own gift boxes for a couple of smaller gifts I gave I came across hudnreds of lovely origami tutorials online made up of all these decorative papers. 104 more words



It’s been quite a few months since I’ve pulled out the old sewing machine. Unfortunately, it was being cantankerous and not switching over to the regular functions after winding the bobbin thread. 105 more words


Paper #2: Major Questions in Game Studies

The Narratology vs Ludology Question 

There seem to be multiple threads of questions within game studies, including the use of games in the classroom. However, I decided to focus on the question of are games rules or narrative? 1,371 more words


Trying something new

My hands are complaining about cutting paper. This time, it’s not just the right hand that was damaged by all the wire work back in 2014. 147 more words


ENGL810 Paper #2 Major Questions

When writing centers established themselves as a subdiscipline in the late 1970s, a central issue became definition. What is a writing center? What are writing centers? 1,290 more words


Error Correction Task: Writing on "Science and Technology"

The following pupil has chosen to write option B: A blog entry about Cloning. Correct the language mistakes. After you finish, reflect. What other ideas can be included to improve this piece?  24 more words

IB Assessment

XMAS Mania

Is anyone else really excited about Christmas already??

I can’t help but be really happy about autumn being here. It promises snuggly evenings and a lot of crafting on the weekends because I’m planning to make everything I gift this Christmas myself. 420 more words