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Failure lab + Toast Story

long term success

Shades was a kid born and raised in Detroit. Homeless at the age of 15, he started selling drugs at a young age to put money in his pockets. 937 more words



Kitschy Indian art has always been a likely winner at international ad festivals. Here we see a classic formula. Sex + Ethnic art = Silver… 80 more words


The Nico Bar

Nicobar (Good Earth’s hipster arm) has come out with an innovative little piece that is so connected to all they do and feel. A bar of chocolate crafted exclusively for Nicobar by the talented Mandakini (who was recently featured on their blog for her baked goodnesses). 22 more words


5.7 understand the role of bacteria (Lactobacillus) in the production of yoghurt

Yeast makes bread, beer

Lactobacillus makes bacteria, yoghurt

Fermentation in Lactobacillus

Lactose —> lactic acid

Step 1

Sterilisation can happen if heated as well as using anti-bacteria. 54 more words


3.11 understand how the developing embryo is protected by amniotic fluid

  • Once an ovum is fertilized, it develops into an embryo, which will implant into a uterus. At this point, an amnion membrane forms. The amnion membrane is full of amniotic fluid which surrounds the embryo, protecting it from knocks and bumps…
  • 72 more words

3.10 describe the role of the placenta in the nutrition of the developing embryo

Placenta does 3 things:

  • Attaches foetus
  • Removes waste
  • Supplies nutrients

The difference in levels is the concentration gradient – this difference allows diffusion to happen. 77 more words


2.89 describe the role of the skin in temperature regulation, with reference to sweating, vasoconstriction and vasodilation

When too cold (and need to warm) – VASOCONSTRICTION

  • Blood vessels near the surface of the skin constrict (tighten)
  • This is so that less heat can be transferred from the blood to surroundings…
  • 100 more words