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The significant custard journey

I passed Winchester’s ancient gate (bit of a lump)

to make significant custard

and play cribbage.  Don’t think I’ve seen two players have identical hands in the same round before (though one of these got one-for-his-knob). 42 more words

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"Suddenly" we are GOING to *emphasise* and 'use' speech marks FOR no *apparent* reason as "if" we were randomly *shouting*

Hmm.  Seems you can’t use italics in a blog post title.  Please take them as read between * and *.

See?  They are even on the cover. 188 more words

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The march of the blue labels

They have reached W now.  Hurray!

In another vein, I found this little treasure.

I expect everyone else knows about Tan, but I didn’t.  Grandpa’s story… 34 more words

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Green (Indian Ink Marker)

Size / Größe:

  • 22,5 x 22,5 cm


  • Tombow marker / TombowMarker
    • 192
    • 243
  • Faber Castell Pitt Brush Pens / Faber Castell Pitt Brush Pens …
  • 17 more words


It is a little-known fact that you can wash books.  With persistence, you can wash an entire library.  The spirit does groan a little at the prospect, however. 12 more words

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I procrastinate

I procrastinate before jumping, but, once in, the water is fine.

Returning to Treharne’s lovely fat anthology, I’ve reached the Old English Judith.  It took a while to read this relatively short poem.   259 more words

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Blood Rage

Size / Größe:

  • 4x 15 x 15 cm

Purchase Price / Kaufpreis:

  • 55 EUR


  • watercolour paper / Aquarellpapier
  • coffee / Kaffee

Working Time / Arbeitszeit: 31 more words