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TOMS and the “buy-one give-one model” - How effective has it been?

Organizations play a unique role in shaping our society. In recent years a new model of corporate responsibility has arose, underlining the need to become more efficient and effective. 2,560 more words


Think Today, Act Tomorrow

Think Today, Act Tomorrow: Kiva through the lens of sustainability ethics

Introduction to Kiva

Say hello to Jessica Jackley –one of Bucknell University’s most distinguished alumni. 2,190 more words

Paper 2

You Can't "Engineer" My Rights

Emily Wheeler

Professor Comas

Mgmt 302- The Stakeholder Organization

30 March 2015

You Can’t “Engineer” My Rights

 It’s a sunny morning and you’re sitting reading the newspaper over a bowl of corn flakes with cold, refreshing milk. 2,919 more words

Paper 2

Blackwater USA and the Ethics of Private Military Contractors

Will Bland

MGMT 302 – The Stakeholder Organization

DynCorp International, Triple Canopy Incorporated, Blackwater Security Company. As the United States has waged its 21st century wars across the Middle East, hiring private security contracting firms have become a popular and even commonplace method of dealing with the region’s issues. 1,951 more words

Paper 2

Down the Street and Around the Corner

Ring! Ring! Ring! It was 2:40 PM, Friday, and my weekend had officially begun. We all rushed out of class, making sure to not trip over the person in front of us. 3,601 more words


WikiLeaks: No Secret is Safe

Non- governmental organizations are sure to spark debate. Some NGOs exist to bring purpose and structure to their issue, and others exist to combat the monopoly the government yields on public policy. 1,974 more words


The Wholefoods Way: How ethical is a globalized organic food retailer?

Being named in Ethisphere Institute’s “World’s Most Ethical Companies” list on numerous occasions, Wholefoods stands tall as one of the largest organic food retailers in the world and the biggest seller of organic milk. 2,297 more words

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