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Paper Planes

Something for the weekend Martin…

Paper Planes, by Sjoerd Knibbeler, consists of 16 paper models of aircrafts that have never made it past the drawing board. 81 more words


Opposites Attract

Black. White. Black. White.

White. Black.

We’re high

on want. To want more

in an atmosphere of

things we never keep.

We’re so high

on the feeling of



More than Beautiful

On May 3, 1891, my great grandfather wrote to his bride-to-be about some of the things he encountered while working in the forests of Washington State. 325 more words


Day #116, Map Tree

Create something using an old map.

Where to go?


Day # 112, Paint Swatch Tree Cards

Work with a few free paint swatch samples.

Early start on Christmas cards.


"Scriptural piety artifacts" aka Bibles

An amusing post by Dennis Baron, What if printed books went by e-book rules?, looks at the legalese that infects the process of trying to actually use an e-reader to buy books or, as they put it, download ‘iBooks stores products’ or ‘Kindle content’. 301 more words

Culture & Arts

No example? No worries

Well, not always. There are multiple ways to show that you are insightful and well-read. One of them is referencing ideas that have relevance beyond your immediate point. 374 more words

Applying Content