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What is letterpress? And why are we still using it today?

Letterpress is the centuries-old craft of printing that we most associate with the likes of Johann Gutenberg, or Ben Franklin. It is the art of pressing paper against raised type, often with a slight-to-heavy debossing effect, which can create a sense of quality or artistry. 660 more words


What I Use: Pocket Notebooks

Field Notes & fountain pens have been the subject of some recent internet discussion and some recent Pen Addict podcasts. I have to admit I can’t get worked up one way or the other on the topic. 1,831 more words

What I Use

Beyond Origami

Prepare to be awed, inspired and maybe feel a little inadequate. These paper artists take the “here’s a sheet of paper, get creative” challenge way beyond Origami cranes or paper snowflakes. 34 more words

Two-way translation

With its source in the Vatican, this is a strictly Italian/Latin dictionary, making it a challenge for a reader ignorant of both, but I am pleased to find that someone is keeping Latin in step with the modern world.  293 more words

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Are You Using the Right Watercolor Paper

You may think there’s not much difference between watercolor paper, other than some being of higher quality, but that not the case.  There are different textures, weights, and colors.   602 more words


CH and CG in mouse brain

The paper today

Neuron. 2015 Jun 17;86(6):1319-21. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2015.06.002.
Epigenomic Landscapes Reflect Neuronal Diversity.
Henikoff S1.

Epigenomic Landscapes Reflect Neuronal Diversity.
Henikoff S

Neuron. 2015 Jun 17;86(6):1319-21. 197 more words