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IGCSE Biology paper 2 - predictions

I am always very wary of trying to “second guess” IGCSE examiners and predict what questions might come up as it can be a risky business.   285 more words

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Analysing effect - being specific!

One of the main issues that I find when analysing a text or extract is that students find it difficult to explain effect. The general responses tend to include ‘it paints a picture’, ‘it makes the reader think’ or ‘it emphasises it’. 188 more words

5th Century: Lamp Black Ink

Books, Miniatures, Writing and Supports
(Timeline Project)

Some time around year 400 – Chinese develop lamp black ink. Soot was collected from oil lamps and mixed with gum as carbon by itself doesn’t stick to paper. 68 more words


Islamiyat 0493

Paper 1

  • Major themes of the Quran
  • History and Importance of Quran
  • History and Importance of the Prophet
  • The first Islamic Community

Download the Topical Questions for Paper 1… 68 more words



In spite of feeling as if I have been busy, there seem to be a lot of items in the ‘finished’ pile:

Mrs Beeton turns out to be Mr and Mrs Beeton, and a curious story of feminine career building, early death and commercial failure lies behind the triumphantly durable… 653 more words

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Hello lovely people!

I just wanted to share with you a new and wonderful collection of treasures. It is so great to have friends who are willing to let you rummage through their old stuff and take all kinds of bits and pieces. 265 more words


Approaching AQA GCSE English New Specifications

AQA GCSE English Language Paper 2: Viewpoints and Perspectives


  1. Street Life by Sophie Haycock (from AQA GCSE English Language paper Unit 1H – November 2012)
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