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Blood Rage

Size / Größe:

  • 4x 15 x 15 cm

Purchase Price / Kaufpreis:

  • 55 EUR


  • watercolour paper / Aquarellpapier
  • coffee / Kaffee

Working Time / Arbeitszeit: 31 more words


A sea of error

Still sifting the library, knee deep in small children and the hideously-accumulated errors of the catalogue.  No doubt I am adding yet another set of inconsistencies and typos. 80 more words

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In the raw weather I tidied the perennials overwintering in pots, sweeping away the accumulated dead leaves and stems and greb, until the broom poked an alien thing … which turned out to be a saggy but undead large overwintering toad. 163 more words

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Friend series – mixed media – ink, marker, paper


When you don't know where to start

This has been a week resented, as lost time I’ll never get back again.  But when you don’t know where to start, don’t waste the facilities you already have, especially the low-investment ones.   65 more words

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First, make your terra sigillata

Still in denial about the date, especially as we have scarcely seen daylight.  However:  no resolutions, but one can make an action of intent.

First try.   359 more words

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I gloat

And what’s more, I gloated.

It turned the luck tide.  Fortunately my opponent, whatever he says, is a good loser.

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