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Friend series – mixed media – ink, marker, paper


When you don't know where to start

This has been a week resented, as lost time I’ll never get back again.  But when you don’t know where to start, don’t waste the facilities you already have, especially the low-investment ones.   65 more words

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First, make your terra sigillata

Still in denial about the date, especially as we have scarcely seen daylight.  However:  no resolutions, but one can make an action of intent.

First try.   359 more words

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I gloat

And what’s more, I gloated.

It turned the luck tide.  Fortunately my opponent, whatever he says, is a good loser.

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Kiera set her scissors down and started unfolding.

The holey triangle became a holey half-moon, and finally opened up to a lovely circle wit ha few holes in it. 154 more words

Short Story

Can't Just Stand like a Snowman!

The project came from a discussion with the kids about snowmen. The thought it was so boring for snowmen to be standing there all day and night and wait for the sun to come out, when they would just melt. 60 more words


Adrawingaday project sixteen, zines

Adrawingaday, illustrations for a zine that does not exist

…and it is really enjoyable! Random ideas from day to day at the moment, just mulling things over, looking out the window, and listenwatching* cartoons. 73 more words

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