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Artist Trading Card Jam

I play this crafting game called ATC Jam. The Jam is J=just A=add M=more.  Three people work on all three cards and when the third person is done, we all get one. 284 more words


I classify myself as a multi medium artist because I use the medium that most easily speaks to what I am trying to express. Artist are always asked what/who has made the biggest impression on your work. 163 more words

Haruka Misawa's beautifully conceived products & graphics. Her Misawa Design Institute is in Tokyo. See Blogroll for a link.

Waterscapes 1 & 2 /

Ueno Planet Ueno Zoo|2015AD|Ueno Planet /

Paper Flower pencil shavings. Curled up /

Paper Vehicles of Flight /

Paper Massage CD|Kenya Hara AD+D|Haruka Misawa P|Kei Iwasaki CL|Takeo Co.,Ltd. 39 more words


Paper Collage

I’ll be doing my weekly update on the A to Z Challenge 2017 tomorrow, so I thought  I’d share a few more paper collages I’ve done in the past. 18 more words


It all began with a book

Yes I know how clichéd that sounds. But really, it’s true, I can actually bring this all back to a book.

The culprit was a 90’s YA fantasy novel a good friend of mine got me addicted to called The Forbidden Game. 383 more words

Paper Art

Femnista May / June 2011: A Blank Canvas


Paper is a marvelous tool, a blank canvas that invites the imaginative to express themselves. It can be used in many ways, and for many purposes. 672 more words