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6th: Adinkra Cloth Designs

6th grade has been learning even more about cultures and what influences them in their development. Tradition is one such influence on the development of culture. 100 more words

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Another wip: mixed media collage in the making


so this is another piece of work in progress while “space jungle” is propped up at the easle to look at and contemplate how to go on… This one – working title “color puzzle”- is another one of those upcycled ones put away and pulled up again, somehow that seems to fit my mood these days and trigger my flow. 63 more words


Happy Spring!

After a long winter with much snow and cold, I am excited about Spring with all it’s warmth and colors! The trees here are budding and some are even leafing out now. 162 more words

#18 Monthsary: Let's Rock On

“Let’s hop on an unicorn and rock on our magical ride!”
Celeste Koh


My original idea was to have the both of us riding on a rocking horse, going on a fairy-tale like magical journey.

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Thus far this day has been pretty sweet – puzzles, chocolate chip cookies, cartoons and walking around in the snow. I’ve enjoyed the snow day but still hope it’s the last one of the season! 🌬☃️ #blizzard #blizzard2017


4th & 5th: Stamp Creation and Printmaking

After several exercises to better understand positive and negative space and how it can be used in a work, students designed their own 5″x 7″ stamps using scraps of foam paper which they then glued to a foam background.  29 more words

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