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GMO #37

GMO # 37 is a mixed media sculpture using a found object and hand built raku fired paper clay. Somehow, using a purely natural object (a piece of yew root), and something completely manufactured (paper clay), seemed the appropriate way to depict a “genetically modified object”. 35 more words


Day 15 of #100dayproject

I am sorry I missed my project yesterday my crafty friends – my head was bad again – woke me at 4:30 pounding!  I hate starting my day with it bad.  774 more words



In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind for which he was punished by being chained to a rock and having his liver eaten by vultures. 37 more words



In ORACLE, two High Priests seek guidance in a desolate place amidst a surreal mixture of the natural and unnatural. ORACLE is a mixed media sculpture: the base consists of handmade paper clay using rehydrated scrap clay and recycled newspapers fired together with glass tiles; the “tree” is a found object, part of a yew root from a necessary brush cutting; the “Oracle” is composed of a different type of glass tile than in the base, and the “High Priests” are hand built and raku fired using a different type of paper clay than used in the base. 29 more words


High Mountain Meadow

HIGH MOUNTAIN MEADOW is set in spring when the mountain’s snow cap is melting but still visible and the meadow grasses and flowers are starting to come into their own. 22 more words



For the Hawaii National Park Centennial competition in 2016 I created two stained glass/paper clay wall hangings NIGHT VIEW OF KILEAUA and ERUPTION, and since then have been intrigued by the potential for depicting a volcanic eruption using that medium. 57 more words



BAYOU, part of my “Landscape” series of stained glass/paper clay pieces, is an overview of a lush place where land and water mix and merge in timeless but ever changing patterns. 8 more words