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Put a Tab on It: How to Make Book Tabs

So you get to class and you’re prepared. The book you had to read 4 chapters from last night is sitting on your desk. You’ve got the syllabus sitting in a folder in your backpack. 446 more words


Sometimes titles for my posts are really easy to choose and other times it is a little harder.  The title for today was immediately obvious. 522 more words


During Nazi occupation, office supplies became symbols of resistance

A silent flip of the collar. A subtle twirl of the hem. If a safety pin was underneath, that person was a friend.

When the Germans occupied Northwestern Europe during World War II, Dutch and Norwegian citizens communicated their national solidarity with tiny devices: safety pins or paper clips. 19 more words

20th Century

More Protests and Prejudice: How the President-elect Failed His First Test

For some reason, people all over social media can’t get over calling people like me (a liberal/progressive) or conservatives/libertarians on the other side of the aisle hypocrites. 1,231 more words