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During Nazi occupation, office supplies became symbols of resistance

A silent flip of the collar. A subtle twirl of the hem. If a safety pin was underneath, that person was a friend.

When the Germans occupied Northwestern Europe during World War II, Dutch and Norwegian citizens communicated their national solidarity with tiny devices: safety pins or paper clips. 19 more words

20th Century

More Protests and Prejudice: How the President-elect Failed His First Test

For some reason, people all over social media can’t get over calling people like me (a liberal/progressive) or conservatives/libertarians on the other side of the aisle hypocrites. 1,231 more words

I'll Call the Plumber

You’re broken, you silly thing. Can’t you see that?

And you must be tired.

And you simply must need a rest. But you’re not getting the attention you need. 392 more words

Paper Clips

Won a blog give-away last September hosted by abitofglueandpaper for her shop’s 1st year anniversary. You guys can check it at www.abitofglueandpaper.ca There are handmade cards and some notebooks on her shop that you can purchase. 245 more words


How to Become Anorexic in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Ingest a Parasite

  2. Run Excessively

  3. Don’t Eat

Paper Clips

A Girl, Asleep, In an Abandoned House

Last night I dreamt of a great house in the middle of a city. Weeping willows flanked iron gates, and vines crawled and choked every wall and window of the place. 309 more words

Paper Clips

Reigning Thoughts

My thoughts are like locus leaves in Autumn. Small, insignificant, trailing behind me, unnoticed, stuck to the soles of wet shoes. With a strategy to usurp my habits, my words, my preferences, they lie on the floor, and can only be swept or vacuumed, contained in a clearly marked trash bin. 33 more words

Paper Clips