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Recyclable Cups? A New Hope

Runners love their coffee, and during races they need water and other hydration drinks. The most popular method for delivering the drinks continues to be paper cups. 886 more words



Great Britain and Denmark have made great strides in renewable energies. Both hope to get 50% of their energy from wind and solar by 2020. Denmark is close at 46.7%.  214 more words

For how selfish are we, really?

It being the end of a tiring day, I ordered a shake for myself. They served it in a glass cup – usually served in paper cups because we, the students, have to get to class on time and this is usually a run time drinking thing. 137 more words

Pay For the Paper Privilege

A wonderful idea that needs to be required everywhere. Pay more or use your own cup. Many carry their own reusable water bottle so why not a coffee/tea container. 25 more words

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Why are Paper Cups the New Hoardings for Your Brand?

Marketing a product or event requires innovative approach and engaging message to achieve a huge impact. Paper cup advertising has become a popular option and is taking over traditional promotional platforms like television, radio and hoardings. 268 more words

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The comparison of paper cups and Styrofoam cups

Today, most of people are more willing to use paper cups instead of a Styrofoam one, because in their subconscious, paper cups can be recycled more eco-Friendly. 332 more words

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Why is Coffee Cup Advertising Better than Traditional Media?

Startups have been known to reimagine the way business is done. With use of branded paper cups for advertising and promotions, many startups in Bangalore and other parts of the country are redefining marketing. 299 more words

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