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More Than a Cup

We’ve all heard that song. The one about everyone’s favorite, the red Solo cup! It’s become synonymous with friends, good times, and summer fun. 104 more words

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Glimpses of Paper Cups and its importance for healthy living

Paper cups are the disposable cups made out of paper for the mass population which is increasing every day. There were plastics and waxes used to block the holes in the folds of the paper cups or glasses. 571 more words


"Caffeine hit: what happens to Britain's 3bn empty coffee cups?"


The paper coffee cup is one of modern life’s consumer conundrums. It is ubiquitous, yet coveted, pricey yet just about affordable. It confers status in a world where you need to be busy to be important, while telling everyone you had time to wait in line while the beans were ground and the milk was steamed.

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Doraemon The Movie: Paper Cup Edition

If you’d like to see an amazing piece of animation made with three paper cups, a scalpel, pens and pencils and a ton of love, check this out. 60 more words


Cut me some light

Is it just me or are you guys bored with candles and diyas?
This card party, let’s try something cool

Difficulty Level: Super Easy

Estimated Time: 7 minutes… 91 more words


tim horton's hubbub

i read in the news lately that tim horton’s and starbucks have been lying to customers about how they are recycling their disposable paper cups, and people are outraged about it. 223 more words

Light in the darkened world- DIY Paper Cup Lanterns

What do you do with the extra paper cups and plates after the party is over?
Store them or throw them?

You won’t have to do that now!! 309 more words