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In Idlib, worried father turns paper cups into gas masks

Fearing the worst in the looming battle for Syria’s last rebel stronghold, one desperate father is doing everything to protect his kids — fashioning gas masks from paper party cups and plastic bags in the village of Maar Shurin in the Syria’s northwestern Idlib province.

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Make it Up

Your TASK is to build a tower that is as tall as possible that is made from materials commonly found in a bathroom.

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Who Invented the Paper Cup?

The paper coffee cup is part of our daily lives, and while we are increasingly conscious of the environment, and you may even rinse out your morning cup and put it in the recycling bin, we rarely contemplate one pressing question: Who invented the paper cup? 432 more words


Starbucks and McDonald’s Team Up To Create Recyclable Paper Cups

Paper cups are used once and thrown away. They end up in a landfill giving off methane as they rot. Methane is a greenhouse gas with a warming potential 23 times that of carbon dioxide. 471 more words

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Sip your favorite beverage in the disposable paper cups

Paper cups advertising has collected a high success ratio in comparison with other promotional products due to its cost-effective nature. This product also excels because it is biodegradable and Eco-friendly. 467 more words

Custom Printed Paper Cups

Go Zero Waste By Using Paper Cups & Achieve A Plastic-Free Tomorrow!

With rising environmental conditions all over the UK, do you wish to make a positive difference to the environment? Wondering about the environmentally friendly initiatives which you can take as a consumer? 551 more words

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Recyclable Cups? A New Hope

Runners love their coffee, and during races they need water and other hydration drinks. The most popular method for delivering the drinks continues to be paper cups. 886 more words