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Advantages of Disposable Paper Cups You Should Be Aware Of

Paper cups have increasingly become popular with time, especially in commercial areas. From coffee shops to gyms and from offices to food vans, these cups are being extensively used for a variety of reasons. 492 more words

Disposable Paper Cups

Week 23 (4-17-17) Newton's Laws of Motion

It’s all good news. But the first good news is that we’re finished with our rice experiment. Like finished-finished.

And maybe your rice has been long thrown out or long ignored–no matter. 611 more words

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Paper Cups..

..and red leatherette, looks like poetry to me.


Paper cup and plate making machine

Another step towards self reliance for our kids(4 of them turn eighteen next year)We welcomed the paper cup and plate making machine yesterday. Coincidentally our first order is from Tiruvannamalai for the Deepam festival! #flowspecialschool


7 Million Coffees

If you caught Hugh’s War On Waste on the BBC, you will be well aware of the coffee cup problem by now. But if not, here it is: the paper cups used for take away coffee, is not in fact, made out of paper. 334 more words


Paper Cups Wholesale

Paper cups are great because they are easily recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice for your business. We also have a selection of paper cups lined with PLA. 96 more words

Paper Cups

Week 13 Water Taste-Test Experiment

Today’s task? Discern which water tastes the best?

Surely the bottled. Or the purified. Or the filtered. Distilled maybe? Or Spring? Anything but the drinking fountain water, right?! 315 more words

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