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Bruised but I rise

I’m a tired heart crossing the small lanes of time

A lost paper doll shred down to pieces

I feel invisible but truth likes it loud… 13 more words

Paper Doll for Your Comfort- Kindra M. Austin

Close your eyes to my dimensions and make-believe I’m a paper doll. See me smiling like a perpetual twat–see me sunny! Paper dolls don’t make you feel helpless. 54 more words

Free Halloween Paper Doll Coloring Page

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying the candy, costumes, and scary accouterments of the moment! Falling leaves, jack-o-lanterns, hay rides, wienie roasts, trick or treat, scary movies, candied apples (not that I’d dare sink my teeth into all that caramel, but it does sound like it ought to be good)…tell me, what’s your favorite part of Halloween and/or late fall? 172 more words

My Life

Masterpiece Monday!

Paper doll clothing.  Now that’s a masterpiece.

Masterpiece Monday

"mini mirror selfie": a paper #ootd

Just a quick thought before we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming: when the font includes a ligature in “selfie” it feels so elegant, like some sort of Latin or French word and not a 21st century sign of the Me, Me, Me! 1,374 more words


Paper Doll

Does it make you feel good to make me feel small?
When you’re pushing me down, does it make you feel tall?
Pointing out my flaws ’cause you wanna erase them all…

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