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The assignment this time was to create a collage using a map. I decided on an old Wyoming highway map I had on hand while also incorporating into the mix an old dress pattern (which could also be considered a type of map, I suppose) and book-club receipt, a 1960s-era computer punch card, and a vintage Christmas bookmark. 87 more words



From the e-course I took last year: the assignment was to create a collage using only black-and-white materials and imagery. The truth is, I didn’t find the idea very inspiring at first but, as it turned out, this is one of my favorite collages thus far. 6 more words


Amigurumi green rabbit

I can’t believe that I am actually able to make amigurumi’s! It seemed so hard to do but this one was really doable! I already planning the making of the next one! 162 more words


Creative Scraps

In between printed pages of roasted root
vegetable recipes and fragments of discarded
poems that litter my unused dining room table
lie more pulp and ink than I feel comfortable… 253 more words

Advent Calendar

I’m so excited! I made my own advent calendar for the first time EVER! I made my own paper bags by folding and glueing craft paper. 287 more words


Fall paper garland

Fall is really there now! Time for new paper decorations! For this garland, I started with painting the paper I wanted to use. I used only brown watercolour and painted that with a thick brush and with a paper tissue. 99 more words