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Recycling paper

Recently I had a paper-making lesson.  I’ve made paper once before but it was in a large class situation and most of the preparation was done by the organisers in advance.  509 more words

Printmaking 1

Paper making: Recycle used paper into new paper

We have kids attending school so despite not having owned a printer for years, having a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on our mailbox, and receiving bills, newsletters, and newspapers electronically, we have a lot of paper coming home and then going into the recycle bin. 528 more words

Plastic Free

Looking good..got to keep it flat for a just little while longer..

Entirely hand-made day-lily paper is looking promising..I’ve just got to keep it flat until it’s completely dry..

Artisan Paper-Making

So I didn't try to make Christmas-tree paper

I find it difficult to look at anything these days without wondering if I can turn it into a piece of paper. You may know the problem. 595 more words

Hand Papermaking

De-inking newspaper pulp at home: soap and hot water is best.

I soaked some newspaper in cold water for about 36 hours and then tried a variety of ways to wash it.

In order from left to right on the top row are: 150 more words

Artisan Paper-Making

De-inking newspaper pulp: web hunt

Now this is something that has intrigued me for some time: all those basic online guides to paper-making saying “recycle your old newspapers!!”. If I try that, I get a nasty grey mess… 168 more words

Artisan Paper-Making

Hand-made day-lily paper

Just wanted to share an image of some improved day-lily paper. Ingredients include day lily leaves, many days of soaking, several hours of hitting with a rolling pin, and several days of drying. 52 more words

Artisan Paper-Making