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how to make homemade seeded paper!

In light of my thesis work about helping the environment and bringing connections to people through the art I am making, I have decided to share with you how to make seeded paper at home (accompanied by hand drawn illustrations by me)!   673 more words


Ancient China's Four Great Inventions - 四大发明

As if the last 1000 years of Western innovation means absolutely nothing, there is not anything more that Chinese professors and teachers love to brag about and lecture extensively on then China’s… 337 more words


A Batch of Hand-Made Nature Paper

Within my artist book work,  we are expected to collect papers rather than just using regular plain white paper. As my book is nature based and I have experimented with Paper making in my subject work previously, I decided that it wouldn’t be a nature book if it didn’t contain some form of nature within it as well as imagery. 189 more words


Drawing on Handmade Nature Paper

I am really enjoying experimenting and exploring with a variety of ways of connecting nature into my artwork. I think I have found myself in this project and a natural element is going to be a theme that continues within my work for years to come. 220 more words


In Progress

Paper Pulp…I’m workin’ on something.