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Cochinilla (anglicized as "Cochineal"), Weavers Studio and Shop, and a Papermaking Co-op in Oaxaca MX

It was a pleasant surprise to me that a visit to del Río Dueῆas nopalry had been added to our tour group’s itinerary at the last minute, as the book I’d bought along to read during the trip was ABOUT the natural dye that was originally only grown in the valley of Oaxaca MX, and is the reason for the existence of this nopal cacti plantation. 1,749 more words


25th Anniversary Open Day:

Yesterday we opened our doors to the public.  We invited them to come and see what we do, to have a go at various paper related activities and even make some paper. 378 more words

Paper Making

Woven Dryer Fabrics, Dryer Screens, Paper Machine Clothing

Oasis fabrix supply a wide range of woven dryer fabrics to ensure even and efficient drying of the paper web by promoting efficient and mass transfer. 11 more words

Paper Making

Woven Dryer Fabrics, Paper machine clothing

Our woven dryer fabric materials have excellent hydrolysis resistance in moist conditions and degradation resistance in dry heat to reach optimum economic life. And we use different yarn structures and shapes to control air permeability and other properties such as contact area, wear resistance, stability and cleanliness. 63 more words

Paper Making

Review: Hand Papermaking, Summer 2016 edition.

By Lydia Fegan:

Notes on Handmade Paper

Recently we (Primrose Paper Arts) received a copy of the journal, Hand Papermaking, Summer 2016  edition, vol. 31, no.1,( 496 more words

Paper Making

Dryer Fabrics-Paper machine clothing

★Dryer Fabrics, Dryer Screens, Paper machine clothing
★Flat monofilament yarns
★Hydrolysis resistance
★Improvement of runnability, sheet handling & wear potential on high speed machines

Paper Making

Spiral Dryer Fabrics, Paper Machine Clothing

Spiral dryer fabrics are commonly used in the papermaking industry for transporting and drying the aqueous media there found. More broadly, spiral fabrics are used as filter media for wet, dry, hot and cold solutions and dispersions. 10 more words

Paper Making