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My advice – OPEN your paper pattern as soon as you get it home, and check it as thoroughly as you can.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wrote to Consumer Advice – an arm of the much-respected Citizen’s Advice. 436 more words


new papers for art

Been busy making new handmade papers for some new fine artwork.  Here’s a photo of them and the stencil’s (lower left corner of the photo) that I used to make the patterns on my hand dyed papers.  39 more words

Sue Clancy

garden of ideas

Look what I found in the garden! Paper pattern ideas! I’m thinking dots…  blue dots and white dots… for upcoming handmade paper adventures, I mean patterns, to be used in my fine art!

Sue Clancy

Some pattern facts of life

Paper patterns

When I come across (mainly) Americans wondering why on earth anyone ‘wants to’ pay $20 for an Indy pattern, or spend time and trouble tracing a pattern from a spaghetti-junction of lines, or  tediously match and tape dozens of sheets of paper, it makes… 906 more words


The reason for using epigraphs

An epigraph is a short quotation which is placed between the poem and its title. I have heard people wonder aloud about why poets do this, and some people even think it is there to show off how erudite the poet is. 309 more words


Refashioning a refashion!

Well I’m still here, in the dark, but here. The power cuts are starting to bite and my sewing is suffering a bit. However it does bring my organizational skills into play, as I try to organize my sewing. 606 more words

Fashion Moments - Ebenezer Butterick

Welcome to my weekly fashion blog post. Each week I will discuss a female garment, fashion trend or influencer from the age of photography (1840s through the 20th century). 754 more words