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Quilling for New Friends

It’s been a year since I moved out of a city that I loved that was filled with people I loved to an all-new city in an all new country! 63 more words



Semangat pagi…
Selamat berbunga-bunga hari ini… :)

Paper Quilling



dan tik-tok jam itu kita indera kembali akhirnya
terpisah dari hujan

-Sapardi Djoko Damono (1969)-

Paper Quilling

Style that speaks

Fashion & Style are implicit ways to communicate your thoughts, spread your beliefs. In this era of small talks & snap chats & judge at first sight, let your accessories speak your mind. 241 more words


Paper Quilling Oct16

Ukuran 15×15 cm
Harga Rp 200.000

#2 dan #3
Ukuran 15×15 cm
Harga @Rp 100.000

Pigura kayu 15×15 cm
Harga @Rp 30.000

Paper Quilling


“Earth without art is just eh” -anonymous-

Paper Quilling


“Among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, in order to have tranquility with them and He put love and mercy between your (hearts) : verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” Quran Ar-Rum

Paper Quilling