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Paper Art - Take 6

Each of us can start with the same pieces of paper, and each of us creates something different. It delights me how some creative people can think completely outside the box. 46 more words


Transforming prints

Printmaking is an art form that somehow gets inside you – once you start it is hard to leave it behind. I would have described myself simply as a printmaker 20 years ago, but over the years other media became important to me, and printmaking became less of a focus, but was always in the back of my mind. 317 more words


Snipping for England*

Cutting things out of paper
Is a fascinating caper:
To go from A4
To a model (or more)
An inglorious pastime
In this life of mine, 220 more words

Camper Fiss - 2017

One of our favorite brands, Camper’s theme was “winter” for Fiss model on FW2016. We created a paper shoe and shot a video with this paper model & the real one. 23 more words


Paper Sculptures

When working with the paper, I was would always stray back to cutting long, thin lines which I would then curl and twirl before tucking the strand back into the base. 387 more words

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Keys 856 - 863 (from Template 3)

Finally finished the paper interpretations of Template 3!

Key 856 is made from paper mache. I used thinner strips of newspaper this time and pinned and glued them into the shape I wanted. 302 more words

Key Project