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Paper sculpture final project 

In art class we were asked to make a 3D model of a social problem we we were for. For the most part I felt that I did all that was asked of me. 275 more words

shadow box analysis

My shadow box was made of card stock to make a scene from a piece of literature that I enjoyed. I used 3 layers of card stock cut into a background, foreground, and cover. 221 more words


TED Talk of artist Beatrice Coron

Beatrice Coron is a paper artist. She creates artwork out of paper. She creates stories. The thing I find very interesting about her is that she has a deep meaning about how she creates these artwork pieces. 106 more words

Beatrice Coron

Beatrice Coron is a paper Sculpturer (cutter), but more importantly she is a story teller. Beatrice Coron creates paper cutouts of stories, weather they are her stories or others that she has been told. 188 more words


Paper Vintage Cameras

I was commissioned by The Natural History Museum to create table centrepieces for their 52nd Wildlife Photographer of the Year, exhibition launch party.

My idea was to create stylised, mini versions of iconic vintage cameras out of white card, as this sounded like enormous fun.   76 more words

Behind The Scenes

Final Paper Sculpture

Ideas & Development: For my final paper project I was asked to make a 1) shadowbox 2) Pop Up or 3) paper sculpture. We were also told that we need to think about a topic that our project could be about and that topic had to be something we could create awareness for. 286 more words


Paper Sculpture: Thinking Process

Ideas and Development

I was asked to do an artwork based on instumentalism which was an art that represents a social issue. I had to use 3D art in the project such as pop ups, and 3D paper shapes. 620 more words

Paper Sculpture