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KC - The Bull Terrier - 2017

We made a bull terrier sculpture which has a great head form.

Dimensions: 30cm x 15cm x 28cm
Hand-cut, painted acrylic on paper.

Papier Atelier

Sour Expressions - 2016

The inspiration of this project is the “God Statues” erected at the summit of Mount Nemrut in Turkey. Even the heads of the statues are separated from their bodies, they still keep the expression. 119 more words

Papier Atelier

Gryllotalpa - 2016

Gryllotalpa is a common insect in rural areas of Turkey. Our aim was to transform a childhood bogey into an aesthetic form of sculpture.

Dimensions: 105cm x 30cm x 15cm
Hand-cut, painted with acrylic.

Papier Atelier

match-up mag shooting - 2016

We had a collaboration with match-up mag. For a photoshoot, we made paper accessories. The theme was to blend inorganic forms with human body. So, we decided to create sharp 3D geometries, surreal scenes and abstract layering.

Papier Atelier

BARD Graduate Center | Paper Sculpture Mask Making Workshop

This is one for those of you with kids in NYC
When: Dec.10 2016 
Where: 18w 86 st, New York

Charles Percier
The Bard Graduate Center approached me about a mask-making workshop based on their exhibition about the neoclassical French architect and interior designer… 237 more words

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Aşık Veysel - 2015

When we haven’t started to create Anatolian faces yet, we were firstly inspired by the face and character of Aşık Veysel who was a famous bard figure in Anatolia. 33 more words

Papier Atelier