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An obsession of brown paper & twine and a revelation in moveable art

Oh how I wish bookstores these days still wrapped books like this.

This is how I envisage people in past centuries receiving their books from the local ye olde bookstore, secured neatly and mysteriously in brown paper and twine. 297 more words

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A vintage flying machine

I think that of all of my artworks, this one was probably the trickiest in terms of shape and structure.

Well, obviously.

I mean who in their right mind purposefully decides to make a wire-less spherical paper shape that magically hovers over a tiny, woven basket? 416 more words

Paper Art

The next big thing

An exhibition of paper sculpture and paintings, incorporating paper collage,
by Graham Lester and Christine Bass. At the Peter Ingram Gallery, Frogmore Paper Mill, Hemel Hempstead from 13th to 28th Oct 2016, open weekdays 11am to 4pm. 17 more words

Paper Art

The miniature circus is in town

Signature red and white strips? Check.
Tiny flag? Check.
Curtain? Check.
Patience tested? Check.

Welcome to Rachel’s miniature circus!

While I love how this piece turned out, it was actually pretty damn frustrating to make and after it was done I didn’t even want to look at it, let alone consider the prospect of making it again… 308 more words

Paper Art

Color Your Own Origami (Book and Kit) by Tuttle Publishing

I love the idea of origami — all those precise and methodical folds that turn a flat piece of paper into a beautiful, small, three-dimensional paper sculpture. 448 more words


Flapping Flamingo

I am getting my art work ready for an upcoming show. Here is a three-dimensional pink flamingo. The entire freestanding flamingo is made out of paper that has been cut, shaped, formed and glued together, and then painted in watercolor and gouache. 8 more words

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Connections - a concertina book

Time to reflect, absorb, think – this is a key ingredient in developing ideas. The drawings that I have been working on over the last few months based on blots made from Liquid Pencil are moving into the next stage of development. 189 more words