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Third Grade Paper Sculpture!

Here’s a sample of the incredible paper sculptures that third grade created! This was a multi-week project. Week one, students practiced various paper sculpture techniques with scrap paper. 14 more words


Recycling Art

Here is my latest sculpture, made entirely (minus the glue and paint) out of recycling materials!

2nd Grade: 3D Not-a-Box Paper Sculptures

The second grade Not-a-Box sculptures continue to impress me! This is hands-down one of my favorite lessons to teach all year. I usually plan for these to take three classes, but students almost a spend six-seven class periods working on these. 332 more words


"How can artists create 3D sculptures from flat materials?" Toby Horrocks and Anthony Caro (1st and 2nd Grade)

1st and 2nd graders practiced their sculpting skills by asking the big question, “How can artists create 3D sculptures from flat materials?” To help us answer this question, we learned about contemporary Australian artist and architect Toby Horrocks. 80 more words


Calder Paper Sculpture

Second grade has been exploring the works of Alexander Calder, an american sculptor known for his large mobile and stable sculptures.

Images courtesy of www.calder.org… 130 more words

Progress 1 (Current Work)

A detail from current studio work in progress.

I am thinking about the intersection of ugly and pretty.

Is this a juxtaposition that lifts prettiness by comparison, or is the ugly loaned qualities of pretty? 89 more words