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Miniature Paper Roof Tiling 101

Did this one drive me mad? Yes, yes it did.
Did I develop a twitch, hunchback and maniacal laugh? It’s probable.
Am I regretting any of the above? 423 more words

Paper Art

Charming Handmade Paper Emojis That Will Give You Heart Eyes

Graphic designer and paper sculptress extraordinaire Kashia Kennedy has embarked on a project that will make you feel all tiny pink hearts, lightning bolts, and heart eyes emojis. 325 more words


Pickle Planes

My grade 5 science class was learning about “Flight.” One lesson assigned the construction of a plane with plasticene for the purpose of dramatizing the three directions of pitch, yaw and roll.   74 more words

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Retro stickers, polka dot frenzy & the tiniest buckles in the world

I am a certified travel nut. I LOVE getting away from the everyday, going exploring and visiting extraordinary places, getting shaken out of your comfort zone and thrown into a new culture. 379 more words

Paper Art

How do you make them that tiny? How do you not go cross-eyed? Are you CRAZY???

Not surprisingly I got a lot of responses along these lines when I show someone my art. (Or at least I’m guessing this is what goes through people’s minds) 608 more words

Paper Art


A few weeks ago I was in a bit of a panic because I had no ideas, now I am panicking because I have too many!! 36 more words