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Paper tower

I was expecting to be making a more conventional book with these pieces of print, but when I came to put them together I realised that the detail was lost folded into a book, so started to work out ways of using the panels that I had cut and folded in a different way. 318 more words


Wacky Face Masks-Adapted Art Lesson

Each week I work with two small groups of students that come to me from our schools autism center. I have two different groups-one includes students from kindergarten to second grade aged, and the other is third through sixth grade aged. 238 more words

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Express Yourself- Paper Mask Sculptures

I have four third grade classes this year and each class is at a completely different stage of the paper sculpture mask unit we have been working on due to two-hour delays, federal holidays, and snow days. 871 more words

Art Education

Leaves of Green (and Yellow)

This week, LEAVES! I have been busy working on an assortment of projects, so the only addition to my iguana project this week are 3D paper leaves. Take a look!

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Iguana Habitat - Step 1

I started painting the background of my iguana painting. When the paper was still damp, I sprinkled salt to create some interesting textures.

When I complete my sketches to one of my paintings, I feel that I have a good idea of the direction I am going to  take the painting in. 132 more words

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It's Alive! - Reference Material

This week, my paper sculpture project involves an iguana. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted this iguana to look like, which necessitated many sketches and consultations with reference material of all kinds. 54 more words

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