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Inktober: Coneflowers

Here is a 3D coneflower sketch I drew combining  #Inktober and #Sculptober. I am combining paper sculpture with line drawing.

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Celebrating Inktober!

Inktober is a 31-day social media art challenge where artists from all over the world participate. The idea is that during the month of October, artists post a new ink drawing daily on their social media sites using the #inktober hashtag. 509 more words

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Readying The Paint Trays

It’s that time again — to start a new paper sculpture. I need to wash out my paint tray and put some fresh new watercolors out. 584 more words

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Artists & Pricing: the great taboo...

I have been thinking a lot lately about art and pricing and how it’s such an awkward / anxiety-inducing / terrifying premise for artists to face once they decide they’re going to sell their art. 496 more words

Writing a Critique

This piece of artwork is called Bridge. The artist of this piece of work is Jeff Nishinaka. Some elements in this are light and line movement. 162 more words

Paper Sculpture

Critique: Lisa Rodden 

This piece of art is titled “The Hand Cut Paper of Lisa Rodden.” It was published on July 11, 2012. The artwork I chose was a swan cut out on a piece of paper. 109 more words


Paper Sculpture Critique

Instrumentalism is the philosophy that art should be a tool for purposes such as delivering. I took a poster board and covered it with blue paper and covered half of the poster with pink construction paper. 355 more words