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Paper shredding and Humus sale 4/14/18 - and your concerns

Paper Shredding and Humus sale 4/14/18. What a gorgeous day! There was a steady stream of cars bringing papers for shredding. IF YOU MISSED THIS  – please look below for the link > the next BCUA sponsored… 364 more words

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Why do I need to Confidentially Dispose?
Many offices consider disposal of confidential documents but don’t invest into a Shredder and don’t dispose of the data; therefore confidential documents can sometimes get left on a table, in the canteen, or often go missing. 689 more words

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Got incriminating important documents that you need to get rid of?

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Document Shredding Tips to Ensure Personal Information Remains Safe

There’s a reason for document shredding, and it’s mainly to be sure that all private data isn’t released to multiple parties. When documents are shredded, personal information can remain private and the risk of identity theft can be kept to a minimum. 477 more words

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How to Use a Paper Shredder

How to Use a Paper Shredder. In today’s world where identity theft is more of a threat than burglary, it is crucial that sensitive information regarding yourself or your company be shredded. 393 more words

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The City of Mercer Island is Holding Their Annual Recycling Event - Spring 2018

In April, Mercer Island’s Conservation & Sustainability Department is holding its Annual Recycling Event for Spring 2018. This sustainability event offers safe disposal of old equipment and household items that might be cluttering up your home and offers an excellent resource to purge your home of all items you’ve been meaning to get rid of for years! 281 more words

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Easiest way to choose the best paper shredding companies

Every company has its own data in a paper form which is useless after sometimes. But if those documents were stolen, then it would be a very difficult situation for company reputation. 48 more words

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