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Don't Kill the Messenger

Now don’t get angry with me just because I’m about to tell you the truth. I know, I know, the truth hurts, but sometimes we have to face it. 693 more words


Daylight Savings or Woman's Day

According to my handy-dandy desk calendar, today is the beginning of Daylight saving and also Woman’s day. So, what the hell should I blab about? Well, seeing as how here in Hawaii we don’t have the idiocy that is daylight saving and we do have women, marvelous women, wonderful women, all kinds of women; I guess I’ll attempt offering an opinion which will be considered lauding, or critical, or extolling, or demeaning, and most certainly one-sided. 699 more words


Mangled Time

I know, I know, we are supposed to be managing our time but from the way we think about time and use the word, “time,” I think we mangle time more than manage it. 558 more words


All Things Gold...

There is a new craze going around (well, perhaps not so new, but new to me!) that involves lots of pretty, shiny, Gold things. I like. 151 more words

Paper Stuff

Damn that SPAM

I can’t believe it, 48 hours with no spam on my computer. There are usually 10 to 12 a day and I go to the “Click here” button to “Unsubscribe.” 806 more words


A Fairy Tale Gone Bad

A Fairy Tale Gone Bad
How to Murder the English Language.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a farmer used his farm to produce produce. 615 more words


9 Out of 10 Ain't Bad

Now a short time back I told you what my 10 New Year’s Resolutions were. One should never tell others those kinds of things because the moment you do someone can remind you of your overwhelming shame when you fail to keep any of them. 766 more words