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Art tutorial: Homemade "washi" tape

I love using washi tape but it can be a little expensive. Also, sometimes it is hard to find exactly what you want or something that goes perfectly with your project. 81 more words


Paper Tape Drive for a Live Performance Music Box

Music is a mystery to some of us. Sure, we know what we like when we hear it, but the idea of actually being able to make it baffles us. 216 more words

Musical Hacks

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Numerically Controlled RepRap

The story for permanent storage for computers begins with the Jacquard loom. Hackaday commenters that are less clever than a Wikipedia article may argue that it was the earlier Bouchon and de Vaucanson looms, but either way we owe permanent storage methods to loom designers. 338 more words

3d Printer Hacks

Secret Nazi Messaging Device Discovered On eBay

According to Vocativ –

A teleprinter the Nazis used to send and receive secret messages during World War II was sitting in someone’s shed until museum volunteers discovered it was for sale and bought it for about $14—on eBay.

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