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How Will Double Coated Tape Make Your Bonding Strong With an Effective Solution?

3M VHB (Very High Bond) is acknowledged as the strongest tape selection within the world. 3M makes the world’s strongest double sided tape. It’s known as VHB and used for industrial and construction applications. 370 more words

Double Sided Tape

Learn FPGA Programming from the 1940s

We often think that not enough people are building things with FPGAs. We also love the retrotechtacular posts on old computer hardware. So it was hard to pass up post about the… 244 more words


Weather Station

Profit in 4 hours : ? experience(s), 350 coins, 5 energy
The Weather Station is a unique quest. Indeed, there are wait times between two tasks, ranging from 2 hours to 18 hours. 75 more words

Snow Plateau


Available at Level 1
Cost : 12 000 coins – Start : 60 goods
Profit in 5 hours : 750 coins, 1 Textbook (Used for… 72 more words


Ad Hoc MIDI to Music Box Project Shows Power of Hacker Community

Fair warning: when you post a video of you doing an incredibly tedious process like manually punching holes in a paper tape to transfer a MIDI file to a music box, don’t be surprised when… 188 more words

Musical Hacks