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Amazing Creation Products You Do Not Know from National Palace Museum Taiwan

Creation products of museums are IN now.

Where is the most crowed area in a museum? Is it the place in front of Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Water Lilies, or Jadeite Cabbage? 643 more words

Museum Creation Products

Paper Tape Question

During my decluttering last summer, I found enough Scotch tape to last me the next three years at home, so it’s probably not urgent for me to buy paper tape yet, but I might so I can model responsible behavior in my classroom. 107 more words


Good Neighbors, Bad Neighbors, and Those Damned Extraordinary Neighbors

We’ve all got ’em.  The good, the bad, the ones who sunbathe naked on their rooftops.  Suburbia is filled with the indescribable.  But what would you do if your closest neighbor wasn’t just bad and awful, but was God Himself?  35 more words


Empty tape into your next favorite bracelet

My paper tape just breathed its last a few days back and I was about to bury it in the waste-bin when a thought stopped me! 208 more words


Washi Tape | Quick Tip

Washi Tape is a decorative tape that is strong enough to hold up a postcard but not sticky enough to take off paint.

Washi tape originates in Japan and comes in all different colors, designs, and sizes. 249 more words


Workspace Wednesday - New Washi Tape

Good Morning Buttoneers! Its Workspace Wednesday time! Hurrah! This week I just wanted to drop in with a quick share of my new (and cheap as chips!) Washi Tape treasures. 452 more words

That Crafty Kid

Difference between paper and fiberglass mesh drywall tape

Although various specialty tapes exist,such as high silca fiber tape,fiberglass tape,fire tape and so on, the choice of tape in most drywall installations comes down to two products: paper or fiberglass mesh . 345 more words