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Serendipity #blogjune 9

Our rescheduled flights to Seoul are not til Friday morning, so we have a day to kill in Qingdao. Ever since my paper obsession started, I’ve been quizzing our Chinese staff about local art shops or workshops. 168 more words

Expat Life

#TBT Paper Trail- T.I.

The other day I was on my way back to Pittsburgh from Baltimore and was obviously blasting music the whole way. I was listening to the same stuff I’ve been listening to for the last few weeks and needed a change up. 155 more words


Simple Advice

Document everything.  As a leader, document assignments you give.  As a follower, document assignments you are given by asking for clarification.  You must protect yourself by creating a paper trail.

Effective Communication

Vlog #2

I promise these will get better :). The point of this Vlog is to let people know although DNA is great and it will not replace actual research that needs to be done to research your ancestry. 30 more words


It's only a paper moon...

There is a sense in which a company is nothing more nor less than the paper it is written on. Its headquarters can change, its product line can alter unrecognisably over the years, as can its brand, its ownership structure and even its name. 225 more words

General Irrelevance

Monday Mood: T.I. - "I'm Illy"

I’m sick… like literally – not in cool way. Stomach bug maybe? I don’t know – it’s got a bad cough too it. Is 8 PM too early to take Ny-Quil? 6 more words


Ko Show Paper Trail = Jobs

If you are looking for a JOB we want to help you get out and advance you career. A new job could change your life. If you don’t find the job you like here or if it doesn’t fit your skills. 25 more words