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Peer At Myriad’s Procedural Explosive Prettiness

I’ve seen Myriad [official site] since its earliest prototypes years ago, as my pal Erlend Grefsrud is making it, and I still don’t entirely understand what’s happening as shapes and colours explode across the screen. 72 more words

ACE Team’s Astonishing Prototype: The Endless Cylinder

ACE Team, creators of unusual and extraordinary beat ‘em ups Zeno Clash and Abyss Odyssey, have released a video showing a work in progress project. 67 more words

Smash Televisions: Dog Wolve

Don’t you ever want to simply smash up a load of stuff? Beat things until they explode? Dance in showers of fragmented glass and china? I’ve been pushing for The Wild Rumpus to make our next event a fair because I want to set up a crockery smash (wisely, everyone’s ignoring me on that). 53 more words

It's Been Quiet...

It’s been a really quiet month-and-a-bit in my ‘creative space’… I haven’t really had a chance to do very much, no major designs or projects. Mid-year tends to be a busy time, sometimes..and other projects and priorities have taken away from the time I would usually dedicate to sitting down and designing. 84 more words


Financial Statement Analysis

Financial position of a company is an important parameter to select a particular stock.

To analyze financial statement of a company we look at following factors: 55 more words

Stock Investing