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The Myths of Publishing

Self-Publishing is a Last Resort.

No. To self-publish or operate as an Individual Publisher or an Indie, is often the best creative choice. Without the shackles of commercial pressure, genre-blending or your own personal genre, is the new kid on the block! 1,627 more words


Book Review: Tau Zero, Poul Anderson (1970)

(Anita Siegel’s cover for the 1970 edition)

3/5 (Average)

Nominated for the 1971 Hugo Award for Best Novel

Poul Anderson’s Tau Zero (1970) exemplifies the type of SF I no longer enjoy.   1,113 more words

Science Fiction

Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: The Cryptic Diagrams and Collaged Heads of Atelier Heinrichs

(Cover for the 1964 edition of Piano Player (1952), Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.)

My whirlwind tour of the surreal covers of non-English language presses and artists continues!   374 more words

Science Fiction

Release day for Forever Rome

My first contemporary stand-alone romance novel is now live. Although I have published three other books in the past year, they have all been romantic suspense. 372 more words

The Summer Goddess - Paperback on Sale now at Amazon!

I know all of you who are going to FantasyCon are eagerly awaiting the launch of The Summer Goddess (what’s that? Scott Lynch who? Joe Hill? 149 more words


My Current Book Release

I’ve chosen to take a more difficult road, forgoing selling my books through the major retailers and instead selling them directly. It is for both financial and personal reasons I have chosen to do this. 351 more words

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