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Hello everyone ! It has been a long time since I posted a discussion post, I know ! And here I come back, with a way too seen topic. 283 more words

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The Guardians of Embrellon - VI

The expeditions were scheduled and Chrylos and Jatar, led the expeditions, which gave them time to talk, plan, and develop ideas on how to make everything work between them. 1,900 more words

The Guardians of Embrellon V

Chapter 3
They arrived on Varna, this island was even more beautiful than the other two they had landed on while on their way. There were Aurochs, as large as the one they took on the first island. 2,883 more words

The Guardians of Embrellon - IV

She came to him and laid in his arms, and as they began drawing closer and into the ritual of mating, she noticed that on the link, Gryton and Zala were there too, the combination of her feeling for Chrylos, the Skrees feelings for each other and their joining fueled the passion between her and Chrylos and when the morning came, she knew that no other would ever be called her mate. 3,246 more words


Although I am still working on the paperback for “A Brighter Palette”, I wanted to announce that both Doc Brodie and the Big, Purple Cat Toy… 27 more words

The Guardians of Embrellon - II

Chapter Two
It had been a year since the joining and the exercises were grueling. Catya had no idea what the training would feel like and the young Skree needed to be a year old before their riders could mount and begin the flying exercises. 2,483 more words

The Guardians of Embrellon Chapter I

Chapter 1: Embrellon – 600 A.G. (After the Guardians were founded)

Chrylos, standing next to Gryton, his Skree life-partner, surveyed the mountain range where the Marn ship had crashed, through their psychic link, they both agreed, this was going to be a dangerous scouting. 2,873 more words