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Cute craft lollipops for your loved one

I hope WordPress.com will not ban me for posting this. This is not advertising, it’s just sharing something nice for everyone in the world :)

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Paper bag drawing assignment

The goal of this assignment was, I think, similar to the texture panels and the soda can, in that we were to capture the unique texture of a paper bag that had been crumpled up, pulled partially back into shape, and arranged in some interesting way. 36 more words




Paper bag




Black paper


Paint brush

Step 1

Punch a hole at the top center of your paper bag. This is where the yarn will go through :) 229 more words

Homemade paper bag DIY for your treats.

Do you like to personalize your treats?

I do, I have been doing it ever since I was a kid, I can remember making sweet and wanted to put them in something nice before I gave them away. 223 more words

Vintage radio & mini cactus

In december ben ik op de Strijp S geweest in Eindhoven. Dit is het creatief en cultureel gedeelte van Eindhoven. Ik heb gelunched en koffie gedronken bij ’t Koffiehuisje, dat de kleinste espressobar is van Eindhoven en in het puntje van het Ketelhuis bevindt. 219 more words

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