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Paperblanks Filigree Family Portrait

Well, it finally happened. After literally months of drooling over and longing for the Paperblanks grande blue filigree notebook, a Barnes and Noble coupon and well managed family finances allowed Big Daddy Precious to come home. 500 more words

Possibly Pointless Blabbering

Not-So-Stationary Stationery

Is it just me that grows nostalgic sometimes of actually passing notes instead of texting? Or maybe writing someone a letter to see how they were doing and picking out fancy stationery to do it or a certain pen that felt just right that you didn’t use it until a special occasion called for it? 1,188 more words


Les Lunes Rouges

After a few failed collages in my collage Paperblanks, I finally produced something worthwhile! With some work, this could make a delightful concept for a mixed media painting. <3


Ultra Shiraz

This weekend on the 1st, I added another notebook to my ever-changing stack of currently in-use notebooks. I found that a daily mind dump section in my Kikki K was cumbersome and got in the way of its other uses, and I had since been wondering exactly what type of lined journal would best suit this purpose. 84 more words


Paperblanks, Winnable and Plan Ahead Journals at Reid's

So last Saturday I found myself downtown and decided to visit Reid’s Stationers, my favorite pen shop in Calgary. I still had a Christmas gift card to spend and what better place than one filled with notebooks, pens and ink? 551 more words

My Journal Collection

New Adventures and a special Thank You..

I have a confession to make. I don’t immediately react well when life throws me a curveball. We’re not talking small, minor hiccups. I mean, life altering changes that leaves you thinking “ 390 more words

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