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Paperclip & Obstreperous

Printer whirring. Chair creaking. Margaret chewing. I’ve had it with this office. Everything and everyone seeks to distract me and the throw the blame on me when I fall behind on my deadlines. 97 more words

Paper craft and paperclips

My mom teaches little kids and they were doing a group song in her school yesterday. I made this quick little group of paper flowers with random Hindi letters written in the centres. 158 more words


Rails Paperclip Attachments Amazon Cloudfront CDN with Signed URLs using the Cloudfront-signer Gem and Tricky YAML

So here’s what I was trying to do. I have a Rails app where users upload attachments. In my case they are pdf’s, but I think this still applies if they were images or any other file type. 1,740 more words


Looking Back at Season 1 (VII) – The Promo (Part 4: The Teaser Promo)

The first Teaser Promo was released before they had even started filming the rebooted Pilot Episode. On June 21, Lucas Till revealed the Premiere Date (September 23rd) to us in form of a teaser video clip; the premiere date formed by tools. 618 more words


New Audio-Time

Hello, here is audio for a haiku “Time”, which I wrote a short while ago. The poem can be found in my June or July archive if you would like to see it written. 21 more words


Get image dimensions with Paperclip in Rails

Hi, it’s been some time since the last post. Lots of work and excuses.
Today I will present a challenge that I had in a new project. 328 more words

Software Development

That's almost $200 Paperclip

Yes, you saw it right a freaking paperclip costing for 185 bucks and NO its not made of gold either but its designer (that’s close) actually its PRADA. 100 more words