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Book treasures...

I had a hard time coming up with what I wanted to write about today. I tried really hard to be inspired from the MayBookPrompts, which was Butterfly Effect, but it just gave me nothing. 404 more words


Emma: A Lucky Guess

Second costume for Emma! This white gown is worn by Emma after the wedding with a lace shawl. 41 more words


Emma: A Match Well Made

Finished the first costume for Emma! The Miramax adaptation begins with Mrs. Weston’s (Miss Taylor) wedding. Emma wears a white gown with a striped overdress. It’s a very short scene, but, thankfully, there were a few good shots of the costume. 48 more words


Emma Paperdoll

Been working on a fun side project! I was watching Miramax’s film adaptation of Emma¬†(1996) the other day, and I fell in love with the costuming again.¬† 234 more words


Paper Jane Does... Snow White

Nora Jane is now three and has discovered the idea of paper dolls. Also safety scissors… so we try and keep those two activities¬†apart as much as possible. 61 more words


Dress 92

Today was a writing day. I stayed up until 5:30 this morning, since hubby was at his sleep test, writing in the notebook, so I had to transfer that all to type today, and then I added a bunch and I pent my paperdoll time writing, too. 98 more words


Dress 91

Trying to format a book but since thee’s a cat on me, it’s difficult, so I thought I’d stop and post this while I waited for her to get bored and leave. 148 more words