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Er... Hi...

Hiya, I’m Thomas, I got into writing through my school news paper, when I decided I had enough experience of writing about the best Red Nose Day, I wanted to create my own blog, so I’m back writing for myself (which is good fun), and nobody can tell me what to do… 531 more words


The Venus Papers

As part of JW3’s migration festival, Lydia Towsey will be performing The Venus Papers. I chat with her ahead of the show, thanks to Renaissance One… 879 more words

Art & Culture

Intertextuality, the Parody genre, and Mel Brooks [Academic Paper]

For those that don’t mind a high word count, here is my 4,000 word paper on Mel Brooks, the parody genre, and their use of intertextuality..!

Available via Academia.edu


Star Wars, X-Files, The Matrix and Transmedia stoytelling. [Academic paper]

For those that don’t mind a high word count, my 4,000 word paper on the use of comics and films in transmedia storytelling, is available online now…!

Available at Academia.edu


資料紹介 Léon SayからAlfred de Fovilleへの書簡(1883)

『彦根論叢』(滋賀大学経済学会)の最新号(2017年夏号 412号)に、私の資料紹介論文「滋賀大学図書館蔵Léon SayからAlfred de Fovilleへの書簡(1883)」が掲載されました。(オンラインジャーナルはこちら

レオン・セー著の『フランスの財政』(1883)を数年前に科研費で購入しました。その本にはレオン・セーの自筆書簡が添えられていましたが、誰宛てなのかがどうしても解読できませんでした。今年の1月に、リヨン第2大学のJean-Pierre Potier教授に会ったときにこの書簡のことを相談したところ、著名な統計学者ド・フォヴィーユ宛のものだということがわかったのです。



Language, Education and Uyghur Identity in Urban Xinjiang

I want to read this book but it is not available at my library and it is way out of my price range. One day I will be rich enough to buy expensive books, but alas, today is not the day. 332 more words


Goals Setting and Planning in Nolan’s Batman

Everyone knows his story. He and his parents were walking down a dark alley after a show. The family was the richest in all the city and crime was at a record high, yet they heeded down the shadows anyway. 764 more words