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I’ve been really busy lately with all of the nonsense that comes at the end of a semester (and trying not to compromise my aerial schedule), but I haven’t disappeared, I swear! Upcoming posts are pending.

Be Successful

Ad: New Beginnings

I have a new set of designs now in stores.

This pack includes:

5 pre-colored masks

Full – Size


*Complimentary color palette included… 39 more words

Unemployment kills: 1 in 5 suicides is associated with unemployment

Numerous studies have demonstrated that there is a relationship between unemployment and poor health and that (the threat of) losing a job and prolonged unemployment can constitute a serious situation for those affected as well as their relatives. 526 more words


Forecasting Coherent Volatility Breakouts (with M.Dubovikov, B.Poutko)

The paper develops an algorithm for making long-term (up to three months ahead) predictions of volatility reversals based on long memory properties of financial time series. 87 more words


alt.chi, at CHI2015 (Seoul, Korea)


I am attending CHI2015 between April 20-23, in Seoul, Korea.

I am presenting our paper “Touch of the Eye: Does observation reflect haptic metaphors in art drawing?” on Wednesday, April 22.


Menolak Paham Sesat Lokalitas Gerakan: Mengaitkan Kembali Memori Akar Sejarah Pergerakan Mahasiswa di Indonesia

Tanggapan Untuk Andre Barahamin

MEMBACA tanggapan Andre Barahamin[1] terhadap tulisan saya di IndoPROGRESS[2], bagi saya memiliki beberapa poin yang cenderung akan memukul mundur (regresif) arah gerakan mahasiswa itu sendiri. 1,944 more words



A gracious tree was I

Happy and free amongst others

Cold metal passed through my veins

My hands were torn apart

Monsters ate me up… 64 more words