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Homework Takeover!

Starting out in school the first couple weeks are pretty easy. You go over the syllabus and get to know each other. Then BOOM! You have a paper due in this class, a quiz in that class, and don’t forget about your online assignment due tomorrow. 215 more words

Leadership (or commitment) games

S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis. On the commitment value and commitment optimal strategies in bimatrix games, under revision, 2017. https://arxiv.org/abs/1612.08888.

Given a bimatrix game in normal form, the associated leadership games, one for each order of the players, are the games where one of the players commits to any of his (mixed) strategies and reveals his commitment (not its realization) to his opponent prior to the opponent’s strategy choice.

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Cournot competition

S. Leonardos and C. Melolidakis, Endogenizing the cost parameter in Cournot oligopoly, under revision, 2016. https://arxiv.org/abs/1601.07365.

Under the prevailing approach, the costs of the firms in Cournot competition are assumed to be exogenously given and there is little discussion about their origin.

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Georgia bankruptcy discharge papers

To prove your Georgia Bankruptcy Discharge Papers is finished. Georgia bankruptcy records, discharge papers, dismissal papers, or final decree copies are often needed when applying for a loan, renting an apartment, or when you apply for a new job. 7 more words

Coordinating Companion Papers

I love the look of coordinating wallpapers in adjoining rooms. This floral and companion small scale damask went in two rooms of a guest bathroom in the Barker’s Landing neighborhood (I-10 & Highway 6) of Houston. 93 more words

Cutting the Cord: a Robust Wireless Facilities Network for Data Centers

Today’s network control and management traffic are limited by
their reliance on existing data networks. Fate sharing in this context
is highly undesirable, since control traffic has very different availability…

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Flexible Network Bandwidth and Latency Provisioning in the Datacenter

Predictably sharing the network is critical to achieving
high utilization in the datacenter. Past work has focussed
on providing bandwidth to endpoints, but often…

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