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Trans-Planckian Particles and the Quantization of Time

Gerard ‘t Hooft – 1998


Trans-Planckian particles are elementary particles accelerated such that their energies surpass the Planck value. There are several reasons to believe that trans-Planckian particles do not represent independent degrees of freedom in Hilbert space, but they are controlled by the cis-Planckian particles. 174 more words


Loop Quantum Gravity: The first twenty five years

Carlo Rovelli – 2012


This is a review paper invited by the journal “Classical and Quantum Gravity” for a “Cluster Issue” on approaches to quantum gravity. 98 more words


Cross-platform Compilers for Functional Languages

I’ve just submitted a new draft, Cross-platform Compilers for Functional Languages. Abstract:

Modern software is often designed to run on a virtual machine, such as the JVM or .NET’s CLR.

183 more words

Still Life | Time for coffee

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Description From Photographer if Any:

One of the most enjoyable moments when a person does not need anything and relax.

By millanag

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Day 37 - Wrapping Up

Today was the last day for me doing summer research. I have worked on the traffic counting system for several weeks, and I have learned a number of things about image manipulation and computer vision. 369 more words

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