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What is a panoply?

My paper with Oleg Starykh, “Quantum Lifshitz field theory of a frustrated ferromagnet” was just published in Physical Review Letters.  Our original title, which is in the version we posted on the arXiv back in October 2015, was “A panoply of orders from a quantum Lifshitz field theory”.   219 more words

Proven Methods for White Papers that Convert

The competition in today’s business world is intense, and your white papers must get read by your market. Business documents like these were not always used in this way. 543 more words

New preprint: A "Social Bitcoin" could sustain a democratic digital world

Read the preprint at http://arxiv.org/abs/1604.08168


A multidimensional financial system could provide benefits for individuals, companies, and states. Instead of top-down control, which is destined to eventually fail in a hyperconnected world, a bottom-up creation of value can unleash creative potential and drive innovations. 150 more words


Creating Effective White Papers - 3 Elements You Need To Consider

Do you write white papers for your business? If so, there are a few things you need to master in order to become extremely proficient. You have to have the most recent information available for your white papers to be effective. 507 more words

Home stretch

This is the time of year when coffee consumption spikes —I’m looking at you, Starbucks— and sleep declines.

Yes, we are approaching finals week, and quickly. 269 more words

Marywood University

"Competition between global and local online social networks" published in Sci. Rep.

Our paper “Competition between global and local online social networks” was just published in Scientific Reports.

Check out videos here

and here

and a presentation here  200 more words