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How many people can your lab reach on MTurk?

Guest post by Neil Stewart

How many people can your lab reach on MTurk? We used the capture-recapture method¹ from wildlife ecology to estimate how many workers you are sampling from. 332 more words


The political origins of the banking regulation and the modes of international cooperation at the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank

Neither the U.S. Federal Reserve nor the European Central Bank was created as a bank supervisory institution. Each has evolved into its current role, yet for different reasons. 426 more words


Backing a simple print made on East Asian paper

Artworks made on lightweight East Asian papers normally need some form of support, for their display and as an aid to conservation. I describe here a basic, paste-and-water backing (lamination) procedure that has been developed in East Asia for many uses, including book binding and making silk-paneled hanging scrolls. 3,837 more words

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Lil Kim & Her Baby Father Are Set To Battle It Out In Court?

It appears Lil Kim and the father of her one-year-old daughter are headed to court. Jeremy Neil (aka Mr. Papers) filed for visitation of Royal Reign in June. 72 more words


Meccsa 2016 Conference – Call for Papers

The School of Media Art and Design at CCCU is hosting the Annual Conference of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) on 6-8 January 2016. 60 more words


Taking a long view of conservation: should we protect the actors or the stage?

For decades, paleontology was broadly a descriptive science; it was seen by many as a novelty, but not necessarily relevant to the study of modern systems. 1,011 more words