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The Local Church

In 197 AD, Tertullian coined the phrase, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” Immense persecution faced the early church, but despite these severe conditions, the church thrived and actually grew. 965 more words


Open letter to the BMA

More than 30 organisations and nearly 300 individuals have added their name to an open letter calling on the British Medical Association (BMA) to reject a new policy passed by junior doctors backing the full decriminalisation of the sex trade (including of pimps and brothel owners) as implemented in New Zealand. 4,438 more words


ESHET アントワープ大会での報告を終えて

2017年5月18日から20日までアントワープで開催された、ESHET (European Society for the History of Economic Thought ) の年次大会での報告を終えて帰国しました。



私は、ワルラスがスミスの『国富論』をどう読んだかという問題を扱った論文 “Léon Walras on The Wealth of Nations— What did he learn from Adam Smith?” を発表しました。討論者のJ.P.Potier教授や、セッションに参加した皆さんから貴重なコメントをいただきました。 19 more words


Migrating from Papers to Mendeley

Now that I am coming to the end of my graduate student career there were some choices that I had to make in the academic domain. 324 more words


Renal Replacement Therapy - help or hindrance?! #FOAMed #FOAMcc

Written by Dr Richard Pertwee (Clinical Fellow ITU)

Edited and reviewed by Dr Jonny Wilkinson

Renal replacement therapy is a commonly administered treatment in Intensive Care. 2,388 more words