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Keadilan dan Keluarga: Kritik Feminis terhadap Teori Rawls

Dimuat dalam Jurnal Perempuan No 43, 2005.

“We use the characterization of the persons in the original position to single out the kind of beings to whom the principles chosen apply…Thus equal justice is owed to those who have the capacity to take part in and to act in accordance with the public understanding of the initial situation.” 2,909 more words


Scientists just uncovered the cause of a massive epidemic which killed the Aztecs, using 500-year-old teeth

Nearly 500 years ago, in what we know call Mexico, a disease started rippling through the population.

It bore the name cocoliztli, meaning ‘pestilence,’ and it killed between five and 15 million people…

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Make Money By Selling Recycled Plastic and Old Newspaper

Recycling is a process that processes old items and transforms it into a completely new product. It is a great way to save resources that will help the environment. 391 more words

Old Stuff

Translating Ghurba: Dayzi al-Amir's short story "Mist"


It is difficult to place Dayzi al-Amir (b. 1935) into one category of immigrant. She isn’t a refugee, not exactly a traveler, nor political exile proper, but spent her life in a few different countries, including some time in England and the United States. 5,715 more words


Complexity, Development, and Evolution in Morphogenetic Collective Systems

Many living and non-living complex systems can be modeled and understood as collective systems made of heterogeneous components that self-organize and generate nontrivial morphological structures and behaviors. 204 more words


Cabinet papers 1994-95: Keating's climate policy grapples sound eerily familiar

Marc Hudson, University of Manchester

A highly publicised international deal on climate change is two years old. Australia’s federal government, under pressure from environmentalists and with a new prime minister at the helm, signs up and… 1,240 more words


Mobility and Congestion in Dynamical Multilayer Networks with Finite Storage Capacity

Multilayer networks describe well many real interconnected communication and transportation systems, ranging from computer networks to multimodal mobility infrastructures. Here, we introduce a model in which the nodes have a limited capacity of storing and processing the agents moving over a multilayer network, and their congestions trigger temporary faults which, in turn, dynamically affect the routing of agents seeking for uncongested paths. 106 more words