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Papers Please - Glory To Arstotzka

Among other things, last week included my birthday; Yay! =D
It also featured a few games that I didn’t feel were really worth writing a whole review about, so I decided to go back to one I had played through a few times… Everyone’s favourite office job simulator, Papers Please! 1,211 more words


One & a 1/2

Nights are getting cold

Take the time to spark one up

Life is better rolled


How Much Time Do Humans Have Left on Earth?!?!

          It’s a question that many people wonder about. It has even crossed my mind a few times. How much time do we have left on Earth? 1,053 more words


In Antique Vintage Wooden Music Box Musical Piano DIY

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTEpidermal thickness at Different Body Sites: Relationship to Age, Gender, Pigmentation, Blood Content, Skin Type and Smoking HabitsJANE SANDBY-MØLLER1, THOMAS POULSEN2 and HANS CHRISTIAN WULF11Department of Dermatology, Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen and 2Department of Pathology, Sønderborg Sygehus, Sønderborg, Denmark Epidermal … 285 more words

Great Papers Gold Foil Certificate Seal 100Count Methods

The gathering part is the hard part; therefore you need to learn how to heal. Healing is the key to the gold farming, because you could have hundreds of enemies on you at one time doing thirty or ten damage on you. 354 more words