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``Quelques contributions à la théorie de l'action de SL(2,R) sur les espaces de modules de surfaces plates''

I have just upload to the arXiv the memoir of my `Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches’ (HDR) dossier.

This memoir is a preliminary step towards obtaining a HDR diploma (a general requirement in the French academic system to supervise PhD students, etc.) and it summarizes some of my researches after my PhD thesis (or, more specifically, my researches on the dynamics of the Teichmüller flow). 423 more words


Mad Political Science: The Manchurian Candidate and 21st Century Politics

   The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon tells the story of an Army patrol in Korea that gets ambushed by the Chinese and subsequently subjected to brainwashing in an effort to create human weapons. 1,424 more words


Mathematical Morality: The Collectivism of "We"

Every thought and action perpetrated by man is shaped by a worldview. This worldview, in turn, is based on certain axioms that cannot be proved but must be accepted. 1,508 more words


Anthropomorphism and Zoömorphism in the 'Medici' picture frames

Marilena Mosco discusses the ‘Medici’ frames: Italian frames made in the Auricular style and which are part of the Medici collections, more particularly those of Leopoldo and Giovan Carlo de’ Medici (now divided between the Galleria degli Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti), possess a special feature – they use decorative motifs which frequently remind us of the ‘grotesque’, and which are typical of Mannerism. 3,039 more words

17th Century

Woman Lab Digest: December 8th

The latest, the greatest, and favorites from the Lab

These past few weeks have been busy at Woman Lab! We’ve had two new papers published, a couple conference events (attended and hosted), another blog post, and several Lunch & Learns. 991 more words

Logic is a branch of Rhetoric by Edwin Coleman


I’m interested in argumentation, and I’m certainly interested in abstract reasoning, so this looked interesting. There are echoes of Sperber and epistemic vigilance in here that make me want to revisit it. 554 more words

Blowing in the Wind

Originally posted May 17, 2013

Man, the wind is howling today. Gina is fighting the gusts as she walks down the street to her apartment struggling with protecting the papers she carries while holding her skirt against flapping around. 895 more words