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Evidence of Shared Aspects of Complexity Science and Quantum Phenomena

Complexity science concepts of emergence, self-organization, and feedback suggest that descriptions of systems and events are subjective, incomplete, and impermanent-similar to what we observe in quantum phenomena. 138 more words


Power and Value of Prayer

There is no denying prayer is arguably the most important task of the spiritual leader and Colossians 4:2 only serves as evidence that prayer and thanksgiving cannot be dissociated from one another in the Christian life or for the spiritual leader. 1,624 more words


About Four Years of Schooling in a Box

This is super random, even more random than my usual posts.

About four years in this box. Organized by quarters I had taken. I wanted to make fun even though this box is full of boring content. 53 more words


Philosophy of Science article online early

My new article “Fitness and individuality in complex life cycles” is available as “Just accepted” at Philosophy of Science. I presented an early version of this paper in a symposium organized by Maureen O’Malley, Peter Godfrey-Smith, and James Griesemer at the… 10 more words


Stapling with ease with GizmoMate’s GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler.

Whenever I think about staplers, I think about the infamous red stapler from the movie Office Space. That was hilarious. This stapler could become that for you, lol. 462 more words