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I’ve been taking some time to look back to look forward. This is important to do from time to time. While watching the recording of the final 

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10 Good Things

Thanks to a challenge from Tina and Jay, two of my #peel21st colleagues, I wrote a list of ten good things about my professional practice right now. 685 more words


Constructionism & Universal Design

One of the greatest things, I think, about Papert’s writing here (Situating Constructionism) is that he pokes a little fun at his own theory.  208 more words

Introduction to ScratchJr (iOS app)

This post was one of nine from the September 2014 #peel21st blog hop! Read on to learn more about ScratchJr and don’t forget to check out the other blog hop posts linked at the bottom of the page. 773 more words


MOOCs get schoolified: Two reports predict MOOCs will simply be absorbed

Seymour Papert might have predicted this.  It doesn’t matter if they’re great or not.  It is very hard for educational technology to disrupt school.  School fights back, and… 195 more words

Coding in the service of learning

In a recent blog post by @MatthewOldridge, he questions the ‘whys’ of learning to code. And rightly so, I think. If you are at all following educational trends, you are probably aware that people are seriously discussing the merits of… 2,123 more words