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Show me the math!

Where is the math in coding? As much as I think that the connections between coding and mathematics are obvious, I think that there is a process involved in noticing and noting when mathematical concepts are demonstrated–some are clearly in use in students’ code and are easy to notice; other concepts are also in use but are more difficult to identify. 1,239 more words


5 realizations that defined me as a teacher

Thanks to Jonathan So for the provocation:

Top 5 Defining Teaching Moments https://t.co/QJHONWHIIh

— Jonathan So (@MrSoclassroom) August 24, 2017

In my own mind, I prefer to think of my list as…

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Inf537- Week1-2 Bruce Dixon Colloquium

So – another week of study – lots of late nights and note taking on my ipad.

The highlight of this week was definitely Monday’s colloquium – or more precisely the lead up and aftermath of the online meeting. 817 more words


Star Wars and the micro:bit

“I wanted to make it play the theme from Star Wars.”

So began a Grade 5 student’s response this week when I asked her what she was working on with her…

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Scratch is the right place for coding

Coding in education is once again gaining more and more popularity in education. There are now too many coding tools, online and device-based, to keep up with. 839 more words


Powerful learning results in flow

Once again, I was inspired and prompted by my friend Matt Oldridge into thinking and writing. This time, I found myself considering flow again. I wrote about this… 209 more words


Learning Design by Making Games

One of my favourite chapters in Constructionism in Practice was written by Yasmin KafaiLearning Design by Making Games (pp. 71-123). She was interested in learning more about the development of children’s design strategies within the context of creating an authentic artifact – a computer game. 343 more words