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Scratch vs. Swift Playgrounds

Ultimately, for me, it comes down to a single key issue: In the limited time we have with children each day in school, what is the best use of that time for learning? 1,270 more words


8+ Ways to Bring Robotics To Your Classroom

The idea of robots in a classroom is likely to cause you either a feeling of excitement or dread. Perhaps you, like Elon Musk, are worried about some future robot armageddon brought on by the artificial intelligence that will enable the bots to harm your digital information, take your job, or endanger your personal well-being. 1,684 more words


from risk to resilience

Research has identified a number of ways parents resort to mediate their children’s digital media use. This post presents a summary of these common approaches – some more liberal than others – to allow readers of this blog, some of you parents, to compare, perhaps re-think your own ways. 942 more words


How to learn?

Give it a try. Google “how to learn.”

I was expecting to see various learning theories from psychology or philosophical discussions of ways that knowledge forms and develops in the mind. 998 more words


Evocative Objects (Papert & Turkle)

I am currently in an Education class: Beyond Bits and Atoms – Designing Technological Tools. For this class, one of the first assignments was to learn about Papert, Constructionism, and Evocative Objects. 1,175 more words


Graphic Novel Review- Secret Coders Series

I love graphic novels, books about gaming, and books that promote problem solving.

Other Gene Luen Yang Graphic Novels

When I was in the English classroom, one of my favorite books to recommend to students was Gene Luen Yang’s… 543 more words