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La Niña de Papi...

Tuve una niñez extraña. Leía mucho, y jugaba sola. La imaginación era mi mejor amiga. No me quejo. Por más “solitaria” que pareciera mi niñez, fue una niñez feliz. 695 more words

The thing about true love. An ode to the man of my dreams.

The thing I now know about true love is that it doesn’t arrive to your door dressed the way that you were expecting. Actually, it arrives nearly naked. 775 more words

Dear Diary

Saga of the Ramirez Family----XII----Making it to the Border

The bus trip to Piedras Negras took about four hours. When we got off the bus, we grabbed our bags and backpacks and followed Papi out the front entrance of the bus station. 433 more words

The Saga of the Ramirez Family----X----Leaving Our Town--Part 1

The day before we left our town to go to the other side, Papi, Mami, Uncle Antonio, and Aunt Maria moved all of our furniture and things over to my cousin Alejandro’s house.   619 more words


Lettre de Charlotte, adolescente aimant danser.

Mon pays.

Ma France, si tu étais comme mon papi avec un fauteuil à bascule je m’asseyrai sur tes genoux pour te parler. Oui j’aimerai bien faire ça, j’aimerai caliner ma France, et quelle me caline en retour, qu’on se rassure, qu’on n’ait pas peur.

1,400 more words

Saga of the Ramirez Family---II----Papi's Bad Experience in Monterrey

He had a very difficult decision to make. He was sad that he would be losing his job as a carnicero in our town. But if he took a job with Mr. 495 more words

Saga of the Ramirez Family----Is Papi Losing His Job? I

One day when Papi came home from work, I noticed a more serious look on his face. He kissed Mami like he always did, but something wasn’t right. 449 more words