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100 Happy days: day 11 - Parabatai tattoo

My parabatai tattoo. I had this done last year, and it’s a rune taken the Shadowhunters series written by Cassandra Clare. It’s one of my favourite series ever, and having this tattoo (which matches my brother’s) means the world to me. 166 more words

100 Happy Days

My Parabatai

Parabatai is a concept borrowed from The Mortal Instruments.


Of Reunions and Signs of Aging

We have this circulating joke in class called Signs of Aging. Being in between adolescence and adulthood, I think it’s safe to say that we’re slowly becoming conscious of our added years and how we’re nearing the harsh reality of being an adult and thinking about work, money and other serious things. 545 more words

New 'The Last Hours' snippet: James and Matthew

While we were sleeping last night Cassandra Clare revealed a new snippet from another of her future Shadowhunter series, The Last Hours:

Matthew held out his hands.

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New Snippet: The Dark Artifices - Emma & Julian parabatai

Cassandra Clare has just revealed a new snippet from her next Shadowhunter series, The Dark Artifices:

Emma swallowed. She was remembering Julian, two years ago, standing in the overlapping circles of fire where the parabatai ritual was performed.

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To my Legal Smeagol

Psychologists have stated that if you remain friends with a person for more than seven years, you are stuck with them for life; which, if you’ve already endured seven years, might not be perceived as an entirely unfortunate thing. 455 more words