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Simple Parachord Teardrop Earrings

Paracord first got its big break after World War II when it became available to civilians as military surplus. Its light weight and mega strength proved it to be a great utilitarian multi-use cord, great for tying up equipment to trucks, acting as emergency tourniquet fabric, and showcasing as an impromptu (but maybe not so stylish) belt or shoelace. 317 more words

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Monkey fist. As part of my hair brain schemes about a year ago I attempted knot tying, got my special paracord and instructions and promptly got extremely frustrated every night for several weeks before giving up. 38 more words

Are you a DIY kinda person?

When it comes to your Jeep Wrangler, the sky is the limit. There is an endless possibility of upgrades anyone can do at home to separate your vehicle from the masses. 522 more words



Trời nóng bức. Con người cũng bực bội.

Những vấn đề thời sự. Ăn gì? Uống gì? Chơi ở đâu? Phải hành xử thế nào?

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