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Compsognathus- The Survival Bracelet

Physically our smallest product, like it’s dinosaur namesake, Compsognathus is nonetheless an essential piece of survival gear. Made from over 7 feet of 550 military grade paracord with a locking buckle containing both an alert whistle and a fire-starter, this cobra weave bracelet can be a small addition to your daily gear that could pay dividends in a survival situation. 16 more words


Anklyosaur - The Slung Shot

Like the Anklyosaurus, which protected itself with a rounded bone club at the end of its tail, our slung shot packs a punch. Slung shots began as a maritime tool which sailors would use to cast line from one area to another and evolved into clobbering melee weapon for close quarters defense. 64 more words


Naimakka paracord wristband review

Today I received a Naimakka paracord wristband.

These amazing looking wristbands are created using military grade paracord, woven in nylon, their breaking weight is 249kg. 182 more words


Wide Dragons Tongue Paracord Dog Collar

Wide Dragons Tongue Paracord Dog Collar

Well here`s my take at the Wide Dragon`s Tongue that I made as a dogcollar and you will find the link to…

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Juli 2015

The Ten Commandments Of Bushcraft

These Ten Commandments are passed down from generation to generation within native communities across Canada. I believe they should be taught in school as they represent the core values that are needed to become a Friend of Nature.

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Juli 2015

I did it? Yeah, I did it!

I started a blog. Now since first-blogpost-on-new-blog etiquette requires me to introduce myself, this is what I shan’t do!

The reason I started doing this was so I could follow my whims and inspirations, and today they are taking me in other directions than self-introduction. 225 more words


Pancho Drawstring Backpack

SOLD – Made from a repurposed pancho! Vibrant and fringe-y.