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Paracord can save your life.

Imagine yourself in a survival situation and you are needing: food, water, shelter, or even a Tourniquet to stop bleeding from a laceration or even stop venom from a snakebite. 722 more words

Reviewing the iReady Medical Paracord Bracelet

This is a review I did of a multi-function bracelet that combines a firestarter, whistle, and paracord all in one.

I hope you enjoy it! 41 more words


Funny and amusing monkey fist video!

So I’ve been recently working on a new hobby of mine which involves paracords. If you don’t know what it is it’s pretty much what they use for parachutes. 98 more words

Paracord Wrapping Jig

I went a little nuts and bought a 1000 foot spool of paracord.  I went from having no rope around the house to having more than I knew what to do with!   142 more words

Webbing Bow Stringer

My bow stringer finally became untrustworthy after thirty years of usage.  Stringers are simple, easy to make, and come in endless variety.  You need two cups that won’t mar your limbs, will fit the tips of a bow, and that won’t slip off.   207 more words