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Fall 2016 Deer 

We thought let’s hike up the hill and see if we can come across anything. We had been seeing lots of deer and elk tracks and knew they were in the area, but hadn’t seen them except for first and last light. 1,239 more words


Corey's injury and our state of mind. 

This is an excerpt from the book I’m writing. I will probably never get it finished, much less published, but maybe it’s more for myself and to be able to look back on our experiences. 842 more words


Los 5 Esenciales

Durante los últimos días se ha puesto de moda en los canales de YouTube, blogs, y similares con temática de Aire Libre y Naturaleza el “reto” de los 5 Esenciales. 254 more words

Ringke Paracord Wrist Strap

Never Drop Your Device Again: Ringke Paracord Wrist Strap

Have you ever dropped your mobile device? If the answer is yes, I am sure you are familiar with a “mini-heart attack” you get after the drop. 325 more words

Ringke Case Review

Paracord Bracelet/бугуйвч/

Paracord bracelet нь шүхрийн олсоор сүлжиж хийсэн бугуйч юм. Амь өрссөн байдалд дурлагчид, ууланд алхагчид, авирагчид, хөдөө гадаа салхинд гарж байгаа хэнч болов зүүж болдог болохоор үнэхээр таатай.   6 more words


Paracord гэж юу вэ?

Сайн байцгаан уу? та бүхэндээ нэгэн сонин дуулгахад жүжигчин Tom Hardy нь Mad Max кинодоо энэхүү Paracord бугуйвчийг зүүж байжээ. Энэхүү бугүйвчний нэр нь mad max юм байна.   36 more words



Custom made gun sling, made from 550 Paracord.  The gun strap is done in neon pink with black x, black and purple. It is done in a modified wide sanctified weave.

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