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Money and Drama...

This is a time for history.  This is a time for inauguration.  This is a time for swearing in.  This is a time for marches.  This is a time for drama. 408 more words

Paradigm shift in daily life

A simple paradigm shift in our daily life can brings opportunities to our life.
Eg 1: My logical planning would stipulate that I should do my exercise at the gym in the morning and then head back home to shower before starting the day. 40 more words

Peace and Joy as Requirements

From the book: Inner Engineering A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru

Number Sequences

After my first real clairvoyance episode I started to feel completley different. It’s like a door had been flung open and someone pushed me out into what was the beginning stages of my awakened state. 418 more words

Expanding Your Perception of Acceptable Beauty

If beauty is only what you see in the mirror, what media has shoved in front of you, or worse, what your race has taught you, then perhaps you need to challenge all of the above. 169 more words


Art speaks to me,

Colours bring to life what’s beyond the grey sea,

as tides rush in with the breeze,

on the shore of a land troubled and torn, 77 more words


Spiritual Thursdays: Awakenings...

Peace Soulstars,

Most of you have heard of the term “awakening“.  Some may not be aware of the paradigm shift which is affecting the consciousness of many.   313 more words