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Q: Final Countdown for the EVENT has Begun

The Positive Side of 2012

Published January 1, 2018

Here we reveal the Astonishing actions of the GALACTICS – – launching the Final Countdown of the Last Days of the Cabal. 6 more words

The Positive Side of 2012

Published January 13, 2018

Here are all the FORENSICS: Based on RECENT EVENTS in December 2017, We can now (with confidence) provide a narrow window for the EVENT TIMELINE, The RAPTURE, and Second Coming of Christ. 48 more words


The Positive Side of 2018 (Tom Price)

Published January 19, 2018

The EVENT DATE is flexible; Update on Debt Forgiveness and NESARA. Forecasts for Wormwood, Red Dragon videos. 13 more words


Can God use me in this time of crisis?

A paradigm (pronounced paradime) is a mental framework. in which we order our thoughts – a system of evaluating what goes on around us.

Sometimes catastrophic events force us to enlarge or adjust our thinking so radically that we experience a “paradigm shift.” These are changes so dramatic that to prepare us for them, God has to use extreme measures. 260 more words


Dear Ascending Family, Happy New Year and wishing you all an increased spiritual connection with a heart overflowing with feelings of unconditional love, compassion, empathy and peace in the new cycle.

36 more words

The Rainbow Effect and the Dark Magicians

Published January 16, 2018

We bring now, a message for the Starseeds who stand as multidimensional beacons for the Teams of Light.


Jupiter's Jiu Jitsu Belt

JunoCam has revealed an amazing feature of Jupiter’s atmosphere, easily visible now to the whole world, but unrecognized by planetary scientists, who have the very unscientific habit of deciding what the probes will reveal before they receive the first data. 885 more words