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meditation on lenses

is it 5 elements or 5 movements?

which do we chose to put at the top of the category head? is it Wood, Earth, Fire, Water, Metal? 128 more words


CONSCIENTIZATION, зона комфорта и "розовые очки"

Прошло 7 месяцев с момента поступления на программу International Master in Adult Education for Social Change (IMAESC). Могу сказать, что во мне изменилось многое, начиная с академических и коммуникативных навыков и заканчивая знанием/осознанием. 127 more words

Paradigm Shift

this (r)evolution

I’m not sure when it first began. It was always a voice within my psyche from my earliest days, and it has grown louder over the years: The sensation deep within me that something transformative is going to happen in my lifetime. 707 more words


How we edit science part 5: so what is science?

The best scientists, such as Marie and Pierre Curie, are committed to the experimental method. Wikimedia

Tim Dean, The Conversation

We take science seriously at The Conversation and we work hard at reporting it accurately. 1,398 more words


Taste The Difference with NLP!

Have you ever tried to lose weight or to quit smoking? While many people did try, very few succeeded in sustaining the results. Why? This is one of the things I discovered along my journey to become an NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 458 more words

Paradigm Shift

Capture The Moment

Have you ever experienced the epic moment of waking up in the morning and feeling that you are not the same? You have reached the tipping point and something has changed deep inside you. 222 more words

Mind And Body

Why being a woman means something entirely new now.

When I was little, I was proud to be a little girl and I grew up through high school, proud to be a young woman. And it wasn’t Barbie or my American Girl doll that I looked up to. 697 more words