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Chuck the Tests- Project Based Learning is Better

We have effective, research based models for assessing student learning that do not rely on standardized testing. So why aren’t we using them?

A friend of mine recently got hired at one of the city’s performance assessment consortium schools. 335 more words

Child Development And Why It Matters

Professional Paradigms New and Old (5): Why change if we don’t have to?

Why change if we don’t have to?

Good question. I Googled it. The most hits were about the hazards of not changing your car’s oil, plus a few along the same lines about furnace filters or the water filter on the fridge. 476 more words

Legal Profession

MindScents Monday: The Logic Barrier

“Logic is that ceiling that we keep banging our head against” ~ Bob Proctor

Those are the words that spoke the loudest to me today.  I’ve walked around trying to decide what to visit with you about and coming up with ideas that didn’t really light my fire.   788 more words

A Paradigm Shift in Marketing

Marketing has seen immense innovation throughout the world in the last decade, and Bangladesh is no exception. With the rapid increase in social media, smartphones, and internet connectivity, Digital Marketing has found great acclaim among the marketers to reach out to consumers. 536 more words


It’s true. You do have to love yourself before you can love others well.

I can remember the time when I didn’t love myself. I didn’t realize it. 891 more words


Essence of Recovery Part VII: Ethereal Recovery

Addiction cannot survive on its own. Without the framework of unhappy, depressive feelings, without the pattern of disruptive, obsessive thoughts, without the promise of immediate, substantive relief, addiction would never thrive within our hearts. 607 more words

Addiction & Recovery

5.4 Cladistics

Falsification of theories with one theory being superseded by another—plant families have been reclassified as a result of evidence from cladistics.

The use of DNA sequences to classify organisms has been an important breakthrough in classification. 310 more words

What Is Science?