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The Great Paradigm Shift

The producers of the television program the West Wing mock and vilify God’s word and God’s people; but, the silver lining is that watching it gives us the opportunity to prepare and be ready to answer the difficult questions that we will now surely encounter more than ever in the wake of Supreme Court-sanctioned-same-sex marriage. 2,469 more words


List: Minuscule Volcanoes Erupting all over my Heart

  • When you share a piece of music and the recipient struggles to reply out of sheer stupefaction
  • Getting a second wind
  • When the state of your cappuccino’s foam is both plentiful and high-quality…
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Paradigm Shift Steam Review

Have you ever played classic first person point and click adventures but wanted them set in a zombie apocalypse with a cheap, gritty feel? Well here comes Paradigm Shift crawling on the floor covered in its own vomit missing legs and both of its arms. 669 more words

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Crazywise the film


As you know, CRAZYWISE documents a major paradigm shift in the way Western culture defines and treats a mental health crisis. Our film is riding the wave of a rapidly growing community members demanding more choices for recovery. 91 more words

Mental Health

First Steps

The beginning of any journey, most times, appears to be at a moment’s notice. In some cases there are years dedicated to working up the courage to stand up and stand out. 372 more words

Illuminous World

Hope Returns

A few years ago, it seemed like the Catholic Church was a mess. They were facing so much anger and criticism around a sexual scandal with priests and parishioners and even children. 981 more words

Necessary Change

I’ve been away for quite some time because explaining where I am in my own personal growth is challenging at present.  I am finding my personal paradigms blown to bits with new ones being rebuilt that look nothing like what I… 721 more words

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