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Europe and the joke of reverse colonialism

Europe is being invaded and I’m laughing. But at the same time I’m weeping(really) because people are suffering and dying to escape from war and persecution. 1,002 more words

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The Gillard Government made a commitment in 2010 to release all children from immigration detention by June 2011, but still 1000 children languish in the harsh environment of immigration camps around Australia. The Refugee Action Collective organised a protest on July 9, 2011 outside the Melbourne Immigration Transit accommodation which is used for the detention of unaccompanied minors.

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This is an excellent take on the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe. Well-written, insightful and with a much appreciated sense of irony. Indeed the tides of history appear to have come full circle.

Missing the mark

In modern Christianity, we tend to look at sin as a violation—breaking a list of God’s rules that requires punishment.

While this view is not necessarily wrong, especially under the Law, it still “misses the mark,” if you will, because it prevents us from seeing the bigger picture revealed in Scripture. 1,300 more words


November is Conference Season...

Writing at this time last year about the first Hertford Youth Conference, it is a thrill, a delight, to be writing again about another Youth Conference.   501 more words


Take 5 @ 3

No doubt you have seen the video of the Accenture employees in Mumbai who take five minutes at the start of each day to dance.  I’m a sucker for this sort of thing. 247 more words

Life Lessons

Let's Be Real: Testing Is All Year Long

People are arguing about whether testing in NY state conforms to Obama’s theoretical 2% cap on testing time.

But let’s be real. At most schools testing takes time away from real learning all year long. 412 more words

ED Reform- Shoot Me

Jupiter's Auroras

Having just posted an epistle, the most complete paper ever published on Jupiter, I was reminded of one observed feature which I had not addressed.  An article on Eos , a geological blog site, by Mark Zastro, refers to several papers in the Journal of Geophysical Research, based on observations of Jupiter’s auroras by the Extreme UltraViolet Spectroscope on the Hisaki satellite.   376 more words


Things I Have Learned About Love

Love is not scripted. There is no specific way to love. You don’t need to wait 3 dates to have sex or wait 3 days to text back, you don’t need to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, and you don’t need to get married. 283 more words