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Don't Know Much About History

Is anyone else thinking that we should get over our obsession with job readiness and coding and start teaching civics, history and critical thinking again? 262 more words

ED Reform- Shoot Me

Should You Vote in Election 2016?

Should I vote if I don’t like the candidate choices? Should I vote for Elvis (or other 3rd party)?

Are you feeling blasted, divided and confused on a new level about Election 2016? 1,193 more words


The Negative Evaluation Culture

One of the questions that leaders wrestle with is how to establish a positive work environment.  One way is to establish a workplace that focuses on  the strengths of the organization and its people.   1,430 more words


I said it before, I'll say it again

I like to think that words hold each other’s hands like best friends, it seems like a reasonable explanation for the spasms that sometimes visit when I open my mouth to speak; the uncontrollable repetition of words joined side-by-side not unlike Siamese twins. 499 more words


Waking Up to a New Realization

Today I woke up to a new realization–a paradigm shift–in the way I can create my reality.

How I’ve Been

I have held the notion, for many years, that I can start relaxing and enjoying my life once I have everything organized and in place. 511 more words

Law Of Attraction

More Joy Please!

As I sit here this morning having gone through my morning rituals of gratitude, prayer and meditation to get myself aligned and focused for the day, I think back to my life just a few short years ago. 686 more words


Way Out in Left Field

“If we win with our budget, with this team… we’ll have changed the game.” –Moneyball

Moneyball is a movie about a pivotal paradigm shift in the game of baseball. 367 more words