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Climate Change and the Time of Transition

By Bernhard Guenther


We are currently experiencing very intense cosmic and energetic planetary changes that are manifesting themselves in numerous ways. 729 more words


Sandra Walter Sep 20, 2017 Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ Our Equinox and Cosmic Trigger Gateway is upon us. Gatekeepers opened on the New Moon for this passage, and the ever-increasing Now moment energies are palpable.

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The GoldFish Report No 132 Scott Werner M.D. Returns with Winston Shrout : Addiction & Vaccinations

On The GoldFish Report No. 132 Louisa welcomes back Dr.
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I’ve said many times over the years that the Ascension Process (AP) would literally destroy our physical bodies, central nervous systems and psyches if it didn’t happen incrementally in energetic Stair-step fashion, giving us linear time to embody and acclimate to every NEW higher frequency level of Light energies we experience and Embody from each […]

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The Rupture and the Rapture by Jennifer Hoffman | Sep 18, 2017 | 2017, Archangel Uriel Channels, ascension, awareness, being powerful, blog, Boundaries, determination, Healing, powerful, September 2017, Spiritual Path, The Universe, transformation | comments This is an Archangel Uriel channeled message.

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“I am St Germain, and I stand before you, most Beloved Family, with open Heart and open mind! And I invite you to join with me in this energy because I have an announcement to make.

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