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Thinking Outside the Box

Hola mi Gente,
I will be voting for a third party candidate this coming fall. I am voting my conscience.

In other news, my beloved… 1,073 more words

What Shows Up

The “job search” continues.  About 40 resumes have been emailed since my lay off last month.  On most days, I cruise CareerBuilder and Monster, possibly Craigslist, looking for a couple of new opportunities.  937 more words

Daily Inspiration

Just noticed the 7 year eras in my life

Just noticed the 7 year eras in my life, 1992 first went to Sunset Strip and saw a naked woman for first time and started my lifetime of strip clubs, porn cinemas and whores, 1999 went to Europe for first time and began a lifetime of travelling to Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Brussels, 2006 fell in love with ——, 2013 split from —— and resumed a new golden age of travelling. 8 more words

Why the Future Will Not Disappoint

Response to George Will’s column of March 27, 2016

Fictional News Anchor Howard Beal in the 1976 Movie Network

George, do you remember the fictional television anchor, … 1,693 more words



Clarity of mind.
Crisp visage of juicy truth.
Orgasm changes.



Apple and the coming tech apocalypse

”Uh oh. There are thunderstorm clouds on the technology horizon, and the once shining beacon of hope for the tech sector has it a wall (it’s Friday; mixed metaphors are on sale),” Kate MacKenzie writes for Mac360. 250 more words