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Punctuated Equilibrium: Life, scientists, students

I’m not an evolutionary biologist so forgive me if I get this wrong. I believe that some evolutionary biologists either currently or at one time believed that evolution progressed with spurts of activity in which certain events caused a higher level of evolutionary pressure causing an increased rate of appearance of new organisms. 277 more words


Learn the 3 R's of RESILIENCE

I’m sitting here at five AM, reflecting on my family’s recent journey as my partner and son sleep fitfully upstairs. After a month of planning and preparation we packed all our belongings into a trailer along with our yellow Labrador and set off for a new destination abroad. 99 more words

Martin Murphy

Paradigm Shifts

Some of those “aha” moments are pretty strange.  They say that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  I must be insane.   265 more words

Change Your Day Day

Hola Everybody,
How’s everyone doing? Shit is getting real now, folks. LOL Fuck it — whatever happens — happens.

How to Change Your Day

You can’t perceive what you can’t conceive. 880 more words

what if the world had no cameras or mirrors, or any type of reflection, and we had no idea how our own faces look.

Paradigm Shifts

why i love the rain

in high school i fractured my neck playing football.

I spent the next 6 months mildly to severely depressed. that, and i was hyper introspective. a doctor had just told me i was supposed to be dead. 393 more words

Paradigm Shifts

leading by example

Google is set to be powered solely by renewable energy in 2017. Elon Musk made the blueprint to a powerful, beautiful, fully electric car, and gave it away to his ‘competition’ for free. 276 more words

Paradigm Shifts