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Ripening Future Fruit

Could you imagine a world of children who are just ecstatic to eat fruits and vegetables? Kids, who came home and begged to make dinner because of a food-crafting project they learned from class? 490 more words


Bookstore or Library

I am a Frequent Flyer of the literary miles category. I inter-library loan, grab stuff off the FREE shelf, donate back, check out DVDs, CDs, books, audios, magazines–if it has a bar code I find a way to get it checked out and get it home. 391 more words


THE 10,000th HOUR

In his book Outliers, Malcom Gladwell popularised the concept of the 10,000th hour, suggesting that practice is the essence of genius, making you to be an expert in your field, pushing you to greatness. 376 more words


Words and Whiskers and Woe Unto My Face

About two years ago I pulled a switcheroo in my daily shower prep. Given that I have less hair than ever these days (at least on my head), it’s hard to make any major changes, but I gave this one a try. 783 more words



I always want my paradigm shifts to happen quickly but they never do. Real growth, sustainable growth takes time. It seems like I have to hear a thing, experience a thing, talk about a thing, dwell with the thing and then, really truly with all my being enraged, fight the thing to the ground and beat the crap out of it before I’m willing to admit I should change because I’m a horrible bully that just hurt The Thing! 346 more words

Sowing Beauty

The Journey of Anguish

I have experienced extreme grief before but never like what I am going through at the moment.  This has occurred because of my sister’s courageous fight with pancreatic cancer and the fact that she is my last living relative in my family of origin.  144 more words

Extreme Grief

Inspirational leaders, universal paradigm shifts and the art of smooth sailing

Organisations are being born, growing, consolidating, sometimes evolving, sometimes collapsing and then recovering. Or they can die with the components being assimilated into other things. There are infinite possibilities but all are following a similar pattern, the universal life cycle. 1,971 more words

The Performance Consultant