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The movie “Moneyball” directed by Bennett Miller follows major league baseball general manager Billy Beane on his journey to reinvent the way people organize teams. Billy and his assistant manager Peter Brand used big data to cut through the traditional bias of baseball scouts and build a team based strictly on numbers. 478 more words


Bacteria, by and large, have received a bum rap (pardon the pun). Ever since they were discovered, there was a sense they were up to no good. 812 more words

The People's Scholar/ Activist

Hola mi gente,
I was having a discussion with a friend and former colleague the other day, and the question came up: Why don’t you start your own thing, Eddie? 608 more words

Nothing is Impossible, If You Will Only Believe In Your Dreams !

Remember this women? She was viralised in Youtube, being a women of 40+ years of age and want to be a superstar, a singer.

Well What do you know ? 22 more words


Paradigms: a poem

The leaping is only the first step.
Not a conquering of fear,
But the acceptance that
Different rules now apply.

Fear is just the flag of mortality… 134 more words


Paradigm Shifts in the Social Sciences: What Neuroscience Can Teach us About the Social World

It is easy to forget that the social sciences as we know them now are a relatively modern phenomenon. Economics was, even in the time of the father of modern ‘textbook’ economics Alfred Marshall, still called ‘political economy’. 1,429 more words


Black or White

When someone thinks they have all the answers, it makes me take a step backwards. Many atrocities have been done in the name of being right. 366 more words