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History’s Ground’s in the Dead


Thus another pattern

is laid into a palimpsest,

like cities built on cities.

New iterations of schemata

entangle with the old.

Roots strangle roots

turning paths away… 31 more words


I am writing a book online about AI. Check out the introduction

This book is about the great wave of change building from the development of artificial intelligence  (AI) that is going to crash on every doorstep and flood the world in our lifetime. 37 more words

Paradigm Shifts



I write into the fissures

which slip across my façade

like ice cracking in early

spring rivers. Nothing’s fixed,

but changed.  A broken cup

is still broken. 47 more words


My Life a Broken Gun


“without—the power to die”

–Emily Dickinson


An ephemera scattered

like thoughts in dreams;

I am no longer subject.

I am object,

acted upon— chaff

allowed to fall, 26 more words


The DRIVE for Transformation

I’ve just been speaking to some friends who’re doing some changes in the way they operate their business. Well they’re not ‘just’ changes, they’re actually transforming the structure and the way they communicate with each other and their customers. 91 more words

Martin Murphy



I look to a mirror

And see I am old,

Balding, skin dry,

My beard greyed.

The skin of my hands

Has thinned like plys… 41 more words


Critical Elements for Starting (pt. 5)

  1. Embrace Multiplication: As God blesses this process, churches multiply and the kingdom spreads out.  In order to allow this process to work, some ideas have to be embraced, and our paradigms must shift. 
  2. 348 more words
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