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You don’t want an Apple Watch? Let’s talk about that

”What’s that, you say? You don’t want an Apple Watch? Let’s talk about that,” James Lileks writes for National Review. “People seem obliged to offer substantial, reasoned arguments why they don’t want one — and that seems proof that Apple’s cultural position is enormous… Apple invents something, and the world is riven into two camps. 506 more words


How Apple should explain Apple Watch

”How often do you pull your phone out of your pocket or your bag and glance at it? I do this simple but annoying task upwards of fifty times a day. 399 more words



RP If you look in the mirror and this is what you see great things are ahead – or perhaps you should re-boot your life? – Lol! 1,116 more words

Spiritual Development

Shifting to the Right Side of the Brain

OLD                                      NEW

Bullying                                                                         Anti-bullying campaigns

Girls can’t                                                                     Girls can

Colonization                                                             Leaving other countries alone/ and or combining
peacefully ( Hint: the  EU)

War                                                                                 Peace talks and negotiations… 93 more words


Apple Watch: Swiss luxury watch industry faces extinction level event

”Just like a soothing sunset can be ruined with a particular cloud cover forewarning of an upcoming storm, there are signs that the luxury watch industry is about to experience the closest thing it has ever faced to an extinction level event,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. 240 more words


Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Plus might flip your mobile computing habits

”Apple’s new wearable hardware could eventually become much more than just an optional accessory – eventually, it could be one half of a Voltron-style combo that makes up the bulk of our computing life, relegating the tablet and smartphone model to the past,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch. 253 more words


Community-Mindedness … Is It Lost?

My parents who were born in the earlier half of the 20th century bemoans of the seemingly lost value of community mindedness in those born in the latter half, especially those born after the illustrious times of free love and free expression finding their place and being among the ‘hippies’ of the culture and beyond into the scientifically and philosophical thinking that became acceptable and even desirable as we were opened up to questioning the perceived (or sometimes maybe not just… 1,287 more words

Paradigm Shifts