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This post is the first in a new series called Journeys. A journey can be an  actual trip or it can be a pathway to spiritual or emotional growth.It can be a life-story passed down to children or grandchildren.   989 more words

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The Politics of Fear

Hola mi Gente,
Yesterday was a very challenging day for me… Hopefully, today I’ll have some answers.

Ever simply feel that someone or some thing, or some situation is just right? 1,029 more words

The reason for the struggle

I’ve been chewing on this idea recently. I hesitate to even write about it because it’s still swirling around in my head, and it seems to be a rather large concept. 1,059 more words

Paradigm Shifts

What is Rooted Firmly

There are plenty of blogs, some might even argue too many, out there. Why do I want to add mine? The truth is I have started plenty of blogs. 404 more words

Paradigm Shifts

Thinking Outside the Box

Hola mi Gente,
I will be voting for a third party candidate this coming fall. I am voting my conscience.

In other news, my beloved… 1,073 more words

Rethinking My Thinking

I first heard the term “paradigm shift” in my Environmental Geology class earlier semester regarding the concept of continental drift. Paradigm shifts came up again in Elizabeth Kolbert’s… 587 more words

Drawing Connections

What Shows Up

The “job search” continues.  About 40 resumes have been emailed since my lay off last month.  On most days, I cruise CareerBuilder and Monster, possibly Craigslist, looking for a couple of new opportunities.  937 more words