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how to (not) judge people's importance

the other day, on my way out of the office I overheard a woman say to another (as they walked past homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk) “(name) saw him and said ‘hey! 210 more words


when parents go from Gods to humans

there’s a very important moment in our lives when we come to a harsh realization.

our parents aren’t Gods. instead, they’re just people, doing their best like everyone else.

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pessimistic, idealistic, realistic

often times people point to what’s realistic as a basis to counterattack idealist ideas.

the problem with the notion of ‘realistic’ is that it’s inaccurately defined. 117 more words



The movie “Moneyball” directed by Bennett Miller follows major league baseball general manager Billy Beane on his journey to reinvent the way people organize teams. Billy and his assistant manager Peter Brand used big data to cut through the traditional bias of baseball scouts and build a team based strictly on numbers. 478 more words


Bacteria, by and large, have received a bum rap (pardon the pun). Ever since they were discovered, there was a sense they were up to no good. 812 more words

The People's Scholar/ Activist

Hola mi gente,
I was having a discussion with a friend and former colleague the other day, and the question came up: Why don’t you start your own thing, Eddie? 608 more words

Nothing is Impossible, If You Will Only Believe In Your Dreams !

Remember this women? She was viralised in Youtube, being a women of 40+ years of age and want to be a superstar, a singer.

Well What do you know ? 22 more words