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Apple and the coming tech apocalypse

”Uh oh. There are thunderstorm clouds on the technology horizon, and the once shining beacon of hope for the tech sector has it a wall (it’s Friday; mixed metaphors are on sale),” Kate MacKenzie writes for Mac360. 250 more words


Journalism's Paradigm Shift?

Paradigms are long held beliefs that become truths in our lives.  This week I have been considering some of the paradigms that have been shattered, cracked, replaced, or altered.  1,020 more words


2. The Invitation

It was a summer evening in 2004 that the unfolding of this adventure began for me. Unbeknownst to be, my friends Luke, Brian, and Jim had been discussing plans for an epic cross-country road trip for some time by this point. 528 more words

Road Trip

Water flowing on Mars

The strongest, most compelling evidence to date suggesting that water intermittently flows on Mars has been found!  What does this imply about extra-terrestrial life?


Planetary Geology

The new rules for relating

As western society moved into the 20th century, we came in with a very clearly prescribed way that males and females in marriage were to behave with one another. 536 more words

New Rules

Why I Find it Hard to Write Missionary Newsletters

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I used to be great at writing missionary newsletters–great newsletters, full of stories of new church plants, Bible studies I led, children’s Bible classes taught by my wife, Bible drives done by our kids. 635 more words

Missionary Roles

Ripening Future Fruit

Could you imagine a world of children who are just ecstatic to eat fruits and vegetables? Kids, who came home and begged to make dinner because of a food-crafting project they learned from class? 490 more words